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Willem van der Mark
Character details
Difficulty Easy
Traits Balanced
Icon Willem icon
I'm looking for my daughter. You haven't seen her, by any chance?"

Even though Willem is the hardest opponent of the easy difficulty, this elderly gentleman is looking for his daughter, not a fight. However watch your back in the addon if he gains usage of Sabotage as he can perform nasty actions against you (+75 difficulty).[1]

Willem is impressed by expansion, and you will gain reputation with him by simply building harbors or making your settlement more impressive than his. He also likes you more if you interact with Cuno. However, he dislikes you if you settle his islands, trade with Hassan ben Sahid or if you can't keep up with him. As a diplomat, he may also use Espionage if he is on bad terms and his cities have an espionage defense bonus.

Traits: Balanced, Diplomat

Building Speed: Slow

Civilization Level limited to player (does not include Nomads and Envoys): Yes, sometimes

Trade Emphasis: Medium

Military Difficulty: Easy

Espionage: Yes

Espionage Purpose: Mostly Espionage Defense, Scouting

Demands Tribute: Yes (rarely)

Tribute Range: Symbolic

Diplomacy Difficulty: Medium

Favorite Enemy: None (Though he becomes annoyed by Leif)

Favorite Ally: Helena Flores, Giovanni di Mercante

Favorite Goods: Tools, Mosaic, Cider

Willem's in-game color is pale Gray


To attain the "All is fleeting" Achievement, the player must complete the following quest. Willem van der Mark will only offer this quest while the player has an Alliance with him and has reached the Noblemen and Envoy Civilisation level. The player must not have surpassed 1000 Envoys or have the Envoy Population Victory condition active in their game, or the quest will be disabled.

  • Miracle in the sand (Settle 3000 Envoys)

To attain the "The Scholar" Achievement, the player must complete the following quests for Willem van der Mark. He will only offer these quests when the player has an Alliance with him. The first quest requires the player to be at the Patrician Civilisation level, while all other quests require the Noblemen Civilisation level.

  • The informant I-II
  • A look into the stars I-IV (At least 3 quests must have been completed for Willem)
  • A hot trail I-IV (At least 4 quests must have been completed for Willem)
  • An important guest I-II
    • Requires the player to have reached Metropolis status.
    • At least one Silk weaving mill must be built on any of your settlements.
    • The player's fleet must contain at least 2 Warships.
    • Requires the player to be at war with at least one Opponent (or Corsairs).


Willem van der Mark's name indicates that he is most likely of Dutch origin. This is also supported by him wearing a millstone collar, which was worn all throughout Europe during the mid-16th century to mid-17th century (which does not line up with the time period of Anno1404, but we'll let it slide), but was especially prevalent in the Dutch Republic throughout the 17th century.


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