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Weaver's hut
Weaver's hut
Building details
Cost Gold coins 400 · Wood 5 · Tools 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 25 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 10)
Prerequisites Citizen Citizens
Produces Linen garments Linen garments
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Linen garments
Requires Hemp.
Produces Linen garments.

The Weaver's hut is an Occidental Production building that produces Linen garments from Hemp. Linen garments are needed to satisfy the Need for Clothing of Citizens, Patricians, and Noblemen.


Cost: Gold coins 800 + Gold coins 400 • Wood 15 • Tools 7
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 65
Linen garments
Linen garments
= Linen garments
Weaver's hut
+ Hemp
2x Hemp plantation

The production chain for producing Linen garments consists of one Weaver's hut supplied 2 Hemp plantations. Each Hemp plantation needs 4 fields of 50 Gold coins, bringing the total cost of the production chain to 1200 Gold coins.

One Weaver's hut can provide Linen garments for the following number of inhabitants.

Linen garments Consumption
People Houses
Citizen 420 476 31.7
Patricians 190 1053 42.1
Nobleman 80 2500 62.5


  1. Data obtained from the game using ToolOne. Consumption rates are per 100 Inhabitants.
  2. The number of Inhabitants that can be satisfied with the output of one Production building.