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Small warehouse
Small warehouse
Building details
Cost Gold coins 300 • Wood 3 • Tools 2
Maintenance Maintenance cost 10
Prerequisites Max. one per Island
Storage Storage capacity 40
Market carts Market cart 1
Hit Points Heart 1000
Size 4 x 4
Icon Small warehouse icon
Medium warehouse
Building details
Upgrade Cost Gold coins 150 • Wood 2 • Tools 3 • Stone 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 15
Prerequisites Citizen Citizens
Storage Storage capacity 50
Market carts Market cart 2
Hit Points Heart 2000
Icon Medium warehouse icon
Large warehouse
Building details
Upgrade Cost Gold coins 350 • Wood 2 • Tools 1 • Stone 3 • Glass 2
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Prerequisites Patricians Patricians
Storage Storage capacity 60
Market carts Market cart 3
Hit Points Heart 3000
Icon Large warehouse icon
Oriental warehouse
Building details
Cost Gold coins 400 • Wood 3 • Tools 5
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 1 50 Prestige
Storage Storage capacity 40
Market carts Market cart 3
Hit Points Heart 1000
Icon Oriental warehouse icon
You can only build one Warehouse per Island.

The Warehouse is a Trade building that allows you to settle new Islands. Ships with the required building materials on board can place a Small warehouse or Oriental warehouse, depending on the type of ship used, on the Coast of an Island. This option is only available if there's not already a Warehouse from that player on the island. An island can have multiple warehouses on it, as long as they're from different players. The Warehouse has properties from the Market building and the Harbour master's office. It creates both a Construction area and a Harbour area around it. It can send out market carts to pick up Goods from Production buildings within its range, and enables you to exchange Goods with Ships. If a Warehouse gets destroyed or demolished, a new one can be built from the Build menu.

Occidental Warehouse[]

The Occidental Warehouse has three tiers; Small warehouse, Medium warehouse, and Large warehouse, corresponding to Peasants, Citizens, and Patricians/Noblemen. The Small warehouse starts with one Market cart and one Item Socket. It also has 4 slots for passive trading. The number of available Market carts and the number of Item Sockets increases by one at each tier. The number of slots for exporting items increases by 2 after each upgrade, and the Storage capacity increases by 10.

Increases the number of Market carts.
Increases Storage capacity.
Left-click to upgrade the Building.

The designs of the different tiers match the design of the Market buildings, and to some degree the housing of the same tier.

Oriental Warehouse[]

You need
Visitor from the Orient (Diplomatic rank)
to access this Building.

The Orient only has one level of Warehouse; The Oriental warehouse. Like the Oriental market building, it immediately has three Market carts available. It also starts off with three Item Sockets and the maximum number of export slots, but has limited Storage capacity. The maintenance cost is also much higher than that of the Occidental warehouses.


Tier Total cost (including previous tiers) Maintenance Market carts Storage capacity Items slots
Small warehouse icon Gold coins 300 • Wood 3 • Tools 2 Maintenance cost 5 Market cart 1 Storage capacity 40 1
Medium warehouse icon Gold coins 450 • Wood 5 • Tools 5 • Stone 4 Maintenance cost 15 Market cart 2 Storage capacity 50 2
Large warehouse icon Gold coins 800 • Wood 7 • Tools 6 • Stone 7 • Glass 2 Maintenance cost icon 20 Market cart 3 Storage capacity 60 3
Oriental warehouse icon Gold coins 400 • Wood 3 • Tools 5 Maintenance cost 30 Market cart 3 Storage capacity 40 3


In general, the Occidental warehouse is the preferred option for all Islands, because of the lower maintenance cost and the increased Storage capacity. In most cases it just comes down to preference, however.