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War machines workshop
War machine workshop
Building details
Cost Gold coins 3000 · Wood 3 · Tools 5 · Stone 10 · Glass 8
Maintenance Maintenance cost 60 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 30)
Prerequisites Nobleman Noblemen
Produces War machines War machines
Production 1.5 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon War machines
Requires Wood and Ropes.
Produces War machines.

The War machines workshop is an Occidental Production building that produces War machines from Wood and Ropes. War machines are used to create Trebuchet positions. The main use of War machines is for export, however. War machines are the most profitable non-consumption item in the game, and are a direct upgrade from the Ropes export during the Citizen tier.


Cost: Gold coins 8900 + Gold coins 600 • Wood 57 • Tools 39 • Stone 20 • Glass 16
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 320
War machines
War machines
= War machines
2x War machines workshop
+ Wood
4x Lumberjack's hut
+ Ropes
3x Ropeyard
+ Hemp
3x Hemp plantation

The production chain for producing War machines consists of two War machines workshops supplied by 3 Ropes production chains and 4 Lumberjack's huts. When including the cost of creating the Hemp fields, the total cost of the chain becomes 9500 Gold coins. War machines are not used as a resource in any other Production chains, and are not consumed by Inhabitants.


The suggested Trade progression is to start with selling Ropes during the early game, Weapons during the mid-game, and War machines during the late game. War machines have a couple of advantages over other profitable items. First, they are not consumed by inhabitants. This removes the need to balance production between inhabitant needs and export. It also fits nicely with the previous Goods in the Trade progression. Namely, it can use the Ropes production that is already there from the early game export, and it is an Occidental Good, meaning all your export can (in theory) be produced on the same island.