War machines workshop
War machine workshop.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 3000 · Wood 3 · Tools 5
Stone 10 · Glass 8
Maintenance (Inactive) Maintenance cost 60 (30)
Produces War machines
Prerequisite Nobleman 1 nobleman
Optimal build Ropes 2 Ropeyards, Hemp 2 Hemp plantations and Wood 2 Lumberjack's huts for every 1 War machines War machines workshop

This building uses rope, hemp and wood to produce war machines. As wood is a building material, it might be wise to not incorporate any market buildings in the area of influence, but instead let the workshop depend on Lumberjack's huts in the immediate vicinity.

Each ton of war machines costs 40 gold to manufacture excluding raw material cost.

War machines are optional goods used only in some ships and troop camps but can also be used for passive trading due to moderate sales price.