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Volcano Island, lava is flowing

An erupting volcano

The volcano island is an additional Occidental island found in the add-on 'ANNO 1404: Venice'. Although settling on such an island is a risky business, it will provide those brave enough with resourceful advantages.


Colonization of the volcano island occurs in the same way as happens with any other island. The only two big differences are that the island's accessibility is ranging from 50-65% versus 80-90% of general medium difficult islands and its minable resources are undefined and infinite.

This island is being most distinguishable of all simply by the presence of a large mountainous volcano. The narrator does not mention anything specific about it when discovered and the unsettled name is like all other unsettled islands 'Uninhabited Island', until settling occurs and the name changes. The island itself and its fertility resources are always bound to Occidental ones.

Volcanic activity[]

Volcanoes in general have the tendency to awaken and so can this one! An awakened volcano does not necessarily mean it will become active, but keep an eye on the announcement bar whenever the sign is given. At the beginning of a game the volcano always starts being inactive and has a randomly set latency until its first awakening and also a random latency between following awakenings.


However, eruptions themselves won't just occur. A few things will happen prior to this. First, the volcano rumbles on the inside and smoke starts rising from the crater. An icon named 'Volcanic activity' and bearing an erupting volcano with the message "The Volcano near [island name] has awakened." will appear in the announcement bar. This may be seen as the indicator to the player that perhaps additional building material should be stocked on the island in order to rebuild as soon as possible.


After rumbling, the volcano can either become dormant (inactive) again or become active. Once active, a message

Volcano Island, exploding mountain

One of many explosions during the 'active' state

pops up displaying "The Volcano near [island name] is active." and several explosions will occur and with each of them, boulders will shoot from its crater and land randomly on either land or in water. Keep in mind these boulders can land on buildings and ships, destroying them instantly! They do, however, need to land exactly on the building or ship to destroy it; landing next to it won't cause destruction or damage. Make sure to monitor buildings on this island closely for the time being for any damage. The only indestructible buildings are mines, as these seem immune to these destructing forces, but can be destroyed by lava.


Following on this event, another message pops up displaying "The Volcano near [island name] is erupting." and magma will start flowing from the crater down onto the island, while boulders keep shooting from the crater. This lava will damage any buildings it comes in contact with rather quickly, taking only 7 seconds for buildings to be destroyed. Roads too can be destroyed by lava. Having fire stations and carpenter's houses build on the island to counter the damage inflicted by the volcano's boulders and lava is futile. These units simply won't fight the damage inflicted with lava being present, and especially the continuous damage is far more stronger than the respective ability of these two buildings to extinguish fires and repair any damage.


After a while the lava stops flowing over the island, but boulders will still shoot from the crater. This will eventually stop when the lava cools down and starts turning black. After 2 minutes or so this cooled substance starts disappearing and when this is completely gone, the ground is suitable for construction once again.

Eruptions won't only affect artificial objects, but natural

Volcano Island, the aftermath

Cooled lava showing area of destruction

ones as well. With every eruption, an estimated 50% of all flora present on the island will disappear. The present fauna will probably also be affected, as it is likely that the numbers of the present species will shrink with every eruption and perhaps may ultimately disappear from the island.

Note: the volcano in the scenario 'Reign of the Elements' is triggered by script and its eruptions occur slightly different in comparison to the above stated sequence.

Mutable resources[]

There are two types of resources to be found on the island. These exist of the immediately available finite stone deposits and the not yet accessible 'Mutable resources' or 'Variable resources', the island's unique mining deposits which consist of undefined raw material and are depicted in the island's raw material panel as an empty mine cart. They show an available amount of 9 999t each, indicating the deposits hold an unlimited amount of raw material. These deposits may have several icons hovering above it, all having a certain meaning:

  • An arrow indicates a deposit outside an influence area;
  • A question mark indicates a deposit within an influence area*;
  • An empty mine cart indicates the mine build on it isn't able to delve (upon discarding geologist);

(*) Becomes a yellow arrow when loading a saved game with a deposit within the influence area, but hasn't got a mine build on it.

These undefined deposits may become any type of raw material, both Occidental and Oriental, depending on the geologist activated.

It may occur upon loading the game while having the island colonized, that all question marks of deposits outside of your area of influence have been replaced with moving arrows - the same as quest objects are targeted with - and are called 'Quest object' and the minable raw materials won't be shown.


Before the mutable resource deposits can be of any use, a geologist needs to be activated first in one of the warehouse's sockets in order to change the mutable resources into a minable raw material, after which the corresponding mines can be built. The available raw material will remain active in all deposits present on the island as long as the geologist is activated. It is possible to activate multiple geologists and have all deposits on the island hold their corresponding raw materials. For example: when a geologist is activated who uncovers iron and coal and a second geologist is activated who uncovers brine, all deposits hold both iron, coal and brine.

Mutable resources only hold raw material if at least one geologist is activated. When every activated geologist is removed from the socket the concerning mutable deposits become undefined again, the geologist is immediately discarded and any existing mines can no longer delve for raw material. When removing a geologist while another is still activated all raw materials of the first geologist will be removed from all deposits, but the second geologist's raw materials will still apply to them.

Through trade with Giacomo Garibaldi, geologists can be bought using honour points to uncover a mutable resource on the volcano island. Some geologists can uncover more than one of these resources. They are found in Garibaldi's item sockets of the trading screen and are unlocked as the first people of the required Occidental civilization start settling in your city as shown below:

Geologist Raw materials Civilization level Honour cost
Hard-working miner Iron Peasant 50
Old Pitman Brine Citizen 100
Excellent Foreman Iron / Coal Patrician 200
Half-blind miner Brine / Coal Patrician 250
Conscientious miner Coal Nobleman 100
Capable miner Gold Nobleman 150
Skillfull miner Copper / Gold Nobleman 250
Master Miner Iron/Coal/Brine/gold Nobleman 300

Note: all geologists can be acquired in almost any civilization level item socket of Giacomo Garibaldi; his peasant level item socket is restricted to the Hard-working miner only. Also, the Academy of Wisdom provides miners, though it be on an irregular basis.