Building details
Cost 800 Gold coins · 8 Wood
4 Tools · 10 Stone
Maintenance 25 Maintenance cost (Inactive: 15 Maintenance cost)
Prerequisite 1500 Noblemen Nobleman
Size 3 x 3
Field 5 Vineyards
Field size 3 x 4
Hit Points 1000
Produces Grapes Grapes
Production Speed 0.66 tons / minute
Icon Grapes

The vineyard is an occidental farm building that produces grapes, which are needed to make wine.


The cost for a vineyard is eight hundred gold coins, eight wood, four tools, and ten stone. For full production speed at least five vineyard fields must be planted for fifty gold coins apiece. That brings the total cost for a fully functioning vineyard up to one thousand fifty gold coins, eight wood, four tools, and ten stone.

One vineyard working at full capacity produces two thirds of a ton of grapes a minute. That's enough grapes to run a wine press at one third of capacity.

Vineyards will only produce grapes on islands with the requisite fertility which only appears on occidental islands. Grape seeds can be purchased from Lord Richard Northburgh and planted on any occidental island that has a customizable resource.

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