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"Vendetta!" in New Scenarios Menu

Vendetta! - Walkthrough==


" Take revenge on Gavin Langton in the name of Giacomo Garibaldi!"

Starting cutscene:


"Curse the whim of nature that imbued Venetian women with such beauty and grace!"

Part 1: Building an operational Base of Operations[]

To do this, go to the Buildings Menu and then select "Base of Operations". Hover it over your town in an empty place. Press "C" to change it's appearance to a Citizen House.


Example where to build the Base Of Operations.

To the right, you can see where to put the Base of Operations. Connect it with a road so it won't become strange (if it would be a house it would need it)

Part 2: Infiltration and Your Spy[]

Check espionage for more info.


Your reliable spy.

To infiltrate your spy select an enemy house (that is atleast at Citizen level or higher/ or nomad & envoys) and click the button to infiltrate.

Depending on what house you chosen, after your spy infiltrates, he will allow you to do arson/riot/poison/belly dancer/false prophet. Use one of these to lower the enemy's morale.

Infiltrate more houses and you will have new options.

Finishing off Gavin Langton[]

Remember to Compliment and pay tribute to him. Garibaldi will pay you money for succesful actions. Continue to lower his morale. Try to be effective and creative(new types of sabotage).

Following these tips, you should easily finish the mission.