Anno 1404 Wiki


Anno 1404 stores all the achievements, medals, accolades, and unlocked items such as portraits, titles, coat of arms and colors, and bonus buildings in a single user profile file for each profile you create. These profiles are stored at:


The file name format is a number with a ".profile" extension. The profile can either be an offline or online profile. Offline profiles are solely stored on your computer in the above location. Online profiles are stored on your computer and uploaded the the Ubisoft servers each time you play the game.

Profile backups[]

If you solely use an offline profile, it is highly recommended you backup the file often, since if you lose this file, all your profile info is lost forever AND you won't be able to properly play some single player saves since the save files are also linked to your specific profile. All saves should still be able to be loaded but acquiring achievements and medals will be disallowed since the save game doesn't match the original profile. See the Savegame editing page for more information.

Note: The Profile file can be around 1 Megabtye, but when compressed is only around 100 KB.

Note: Profiles are NOT stored in the same place save games are stored.

Restoring profiles[]

If you have a manual backup, you can just place the file in the profile directory. If you use an online profile, you can also go into Profiles in Anno 1404 and pick to download a profile. It will ask you for your Ubisoft login and password and then download the profile to your machine.

Note: Deleting an online profile in Anno 1404 without having a backup on your computer, will result in permanently losing the profile file as it also is removed from Ubisoft servers.

Save games and profiles[]

As stated above, trying to load a save game created on a different profile should work but the save will display a red exclamation mark on the load screen indicating its linked to an unknown profile and achievements and medals will be disallowed.