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Tournament arena
Building details
Cost Gold coins 2000 · Wood 10 · Tools 10 · Stone 40
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Prerequisites Citizen 355 Citizens
Size 6 x 7
Icon Tournament arena icon
Generates Honour from Tournaments.

Holding tournaments can be a spectacular way to gain Honour, once you have the resources and population to pull hold repeated tournaments.


Arenas can have three sizes of tournaments:

  1. Provincial (2,000 gold coins)
  2. Grand (4,000 gold coins and 15 tons of weapons)
  3. Spectacular (10,000 gold coins, 30 tons of weapons, and 10 tons of provisions)

The arena takes 45 minutes to "recover" from each tournament, regardless of how big it was. Therefore, if you can afford bigger tournaments, you get more Honor per minute per arena. Some tips:

  • You can build an arena and hold tournaments on any island you control.[1] The island does not need any population, nor does the arena need a connection to anything. However, you won't get the full possible honor (600 for grand, 300 for spectacular, 150 for provincial) unless you have 5,300 people on that island (see Scaling, below).
  • You can build an arena on an Oriental island; Orientals love tournaments just as much as Westerners.
  • Making more than one arena on an island is a waste; extra arenas all show the one, same tournament taking place on that island.
  • Don't build one until you have 4,000 gold (to build it and start at least a small tournament immediately), or you are wasting money on maintenance. By extension, if you can't otherwise afford 2,000 gold every 45 minutes, you are wasting its maintenance cost. Or, if you will, you're paying more for the Honor gained.
  • The feedback provided might be a little confusing. The instant you start a tournament, two timers appear: the time until the next tournament in orange digits (which starts counting down from 45 minutes), and a green pie-chart count-down timer:
    • The green pie-chart is counting off 4 minutes initially; when the orange digits reach 41:00, the green pie-chart resets to orange, and begins a new (100% full pie) countdown of 41 minutes.
    • After ~3 minutes, Lord Northburg congratulates you and awards honor. (This can be delayed if other "sticky" pop-ups are hogging the talking-head area.)
    • If you immediately click on the arena (after the congratulations, but before four minutes have passed), it is still counting down the first four minutes with a green pie-chart, and Northburg will say how he is rooting for the black knight, or whatever.
    • To make a long story short, you can get congratulated before the tournament is actually over. Throwing the tournament is what counts, not who wins.
    • If you have started more than one tournament at about the same time, some other NPC besides Northburg is liable to congratulate you and award the Honor in a popup message, and they are also liable to cite the island hosting the first tournament to recently complete. No matter... you will still properly get the Honor for the other tournament(s).
  • Don't forget that you can put arenas on your Action Bar to check on them easily.
    • One oddity, if using the Action Bar: the weapons and provisions needed for larger tournaments may show as red if you are currently over some other island that doesn't have them. But the checkmark to allow larger tournaments will still appear, if the arena's island has the right gear. So ignore the red highlighting if you know it's not right, and hit the checkmark.

Tournament Honor Population Scaling[]

For all three tournament sizes, the honor granted scales linearly relative to your total population on that island, regardless of class. The minimum honor (with 0 population) is one-third of the full value (granted at 5,300 population):


Tournament Honor versus Population on an island

Size Minimum Honor
(No population)
Maximum Honor
(5,300 population)
Provincial 50 150
Grand 100 300
Spectacular 200 600

You can see the population count in the upper right of the tournament arena info pane. It is the same as the head count shown at the top of the Bazaar or Marketplace info pane's Inhabitant overview tab, except that any beggars "hidden" in alms houses are also added to this number, on Occidental islands. The head count as of the moment you are congratulated and awarded honor is what counts, not the population when you start the tournament.

The scaling equation for a Provincial Tournament is: Honor = ( Population / 53 ) + 50. For a Grand tournament, multiply this Honor value by 2, and for Spectacular, multiply it by 4.

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Close up screenshot of tournament using Engine.ini


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