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Toolmaker's workshop
Toolmakers workshop
Building details
Cost Gold coins 500 · Wood 8 · Tools 5 · Stone 2
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 15)
Prerequisites Citizen 240 Citizens
Produces Tools Tools
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Tools
Requires Iron.
Produces Tools.

The Toolmaker's workshop is an Occidental Production building that produces Tools from Iron. Tools are used to build almost all buildings, and being able to produce your own Tools instead of relying on Trade for Tools is an important milestone.


Cost: Gold coins 2750 • Wood 41 • Tools 19 • Stone 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 110 + Maintenance cost 4
= Tools
2x Toolmaker's workshop
+ Iron
Iron smelter
+ Iron ore
Ore mine
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut

The production chain for producing Tools consists of two Toolmaker's workshops supplied by one Iron production chain.

Tools are not used as a resource by any other production buildings.