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Arrow "Rescue Lord Ricard from exile with Al Zahir's help, and save the Emperor's life."

The Man with the Mask is the seventh Chapter of the Campaign. It introduces four minor Characters; Izmir, the Alchemist, Hekata, the Witch, Al Rashid, the Assassin, and Hildegard von Lewenstein. It's generally considered a fairly easy Chapter. It introduces all the remaining Buildings and Diplomatic ranks of the Orient. It has a fairly linear main questline, with a large number of Hidden quests strewn about to keep the player occupied.

Important: The quests in this Chapter offer a combined total of Honor 1380 Honour to the player. To complete the final quest, we need to purchase 9 Diplomatic gifts worth Honor 1350 Honour. The game also offers an Item that can be sold for Honor 300 Honour, but this still isn't enough to buy all of the Items from Al Zahir's warehouse without making it impossible to complete the final quest.

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter7


"A combined effort enabled them to evade Lucius's forces. Al Zahir received the fugitives with open arms. The Grand vizier's Palace was like paradise, yet the peace was deceiving. Lord Northburgh was still assumed lost and, in the absence of the Emperor, Lucius posed a deadly threat. So it was no surprise to anyone when, a few days later, alarming news reached the Grand vizier's Court and the world teetered on the brink of disaster."

Grand Vizier Al Zahir has traveled deep into the Oriental territorial waters and is now convinced they are safe from Kardinal Lucius. Marie d'Artois's subject Phillipe Lamour arrives and tells you with great trepidation that Kardinal Lucius is preparing for a retaliatory strike at the homeland. Marie d'Artois asks you to inform the Emperor and returns home to face Kardinal Lucius. Grand Vizier Al Zahir suggests that you accommodate the refugees from Edenisle in one of his Bedouin settlements and that you then leave for the Emperor's sickbed.

Help from on high Stars[]

Objective: Request an audience with the ailing Emperor in Earlbury.

According to Al Zahir's most recent information, the ailing Sovereign is currently spending time on an Island in the North. Seek him out and tell him about the Cardinal's machinations!
If you want to succeed against Cardinal Lucius, you are going to need some powerful Allies.

While sailing to the Island up North, we can start working on the next quest.

Reward: Gold coins 1540 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

Oriental flavour Stars[]

Objective: Build at least one Date plantation.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 datefarminoasis

Example placement of a Date plantation.

You should also think about building a Noria to increase the productivity of your Plantation.
As nothing else thrives in the Desert, you will need to satisfy the hunger of both the refugees and the Oriental population with Dates.

While we could use a Noria like the game suggests, we can also place our Farm buildings on the Grassland that's already present on the Island. We will also use this Grassland to place two Lumberjack's huts.

Note that we're not producing Tools anymore, so we'll want to use the available resources sparingly. This also means we might want to use the Occidental Market building instead of the more expensive Oriental market buildings.

Reward: Gold coins 1201 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

The Emperor's cousin Trophy[]

Objective: Find Lord Northburgh to be admitted to see the Emperor.

The Emperor must be informed of Kardinal Lucius's schemes, but there is no getting past Hildegard von Lewenstein. She is much too worried about the sovereign's health. Your only hope of gaining an audience lies in having Lord Northburgh, the Emperor's cousin, accompany you!

Searching for Clues Stars[]

Objective: Inquire about Lord Northburgh with Izmir, the Alchemist • Hekata, the Witch • Al Rashid, the Assassin

Talk to the Inhabitants here about the Emperor's cousin! Rumour has it that Lord Northburgh may be being held captive near here.
The Emperor believes he is close to death and will only talk to members of his family.

Reward: Gold coins 1609 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

The Barter Stars[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Hekata in exchange for the message in the bottle: Milk 5t Milk

Could it be that this message in a bottle contains a clue as to Lord Northburgh's whereabouts? The witches, however, are not that willing to part with it.

To complete this quest we'll need to set up Milk production and create a Road connection to the Old tree to deliver the Milk to Hekata. The Goat farm is unlocked after settling at least Nomads 145 Nomads. Once we reach this population, Al Zahir gives the following Auxiliary quest to remind us one last time how to set up a Goat farm.

Fresh Goat's milk Stars[]

Objective: Build a Goat farm.

Your Nomad settlement must expand to allow you to build Goat farms.
You may also need to build a Noria to enable your Farm to achieve higher productivity.
The witches won't be the only ones grateful for fresh Goat's milk, for your people will thank you too...

We'll also need Milk 40t of Milk for two later quests, so we'll build two Goat farms instead of one. You may still want to temporarily deny access to Milk to gather enough for the Witches.

Reward: Gold coins 1012 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

Once the required amount of Milk has been produced, we can load it onto our Flagship along with the materials needed to build a Warehouse. The Milk will automatically be transferred to the newly-created Warehouse, allowing us to finish the quest. Don't forget to load the Message in a bottle Message in a bottle onto your Flagship before sailing back to Diyah.

After completing this quest, we'll have enough Honour to purchase a Scroll 3 "Princely attention" Diplomatic gift from Hildegard von Lewenstein in Earlbury on our way back. This might also be a good time to buy additional Wood Wood from Abbess Hildegard.

Reward: Gold coins 1287 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

The Encryption Stars[]

Objective: Give Izmir the following to decipher the code: Message in a bottle 1 Message in a bottle

You have to build a Road to the Alchemist's tower to go and ask the Alchemists for help.
Izmir is a real master at deciphering secret messages. He may be able to work out what the message says.

Create a Road connection to the Alchemist's tower. Izmir will automatically inquire about the Message as soon as you load it into your Warehouse's Strong room.

Reward: Gold coins 1549 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

WarningSign Sensational Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Izmir for his experiment: Iron ore 10t Iron ore • Gold ore 10t Gold ore

Izmir is about to invent something truly great, something which the world has not yet witnessed. That is, he would be if only he had the necessary ingredients. That is where you come in.
Obtain the Materials that Izmir requires and you will be guaranteed a reward.

The required Goods can only be purchased from Hildegard von Lewenstein at Earlbury's Warehouse. Let's sail our Flagship over there and buy the required amount from her. We will also take this opportunity to buy a "Princely attention" Prestige gift.

You'll be given "The Scholars' Abacus", which temporarily increases the number of available Ascension rights in a Settlement when activated. This will come in handy later when we're ready to reach the Envoy Civilisation level.

Reward: Gold coins 1261 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour • Abacus 1 The Scholars' Abacus

A daring Plan Stars[]

Objective: Draw up a Map of the Assassins' fortress.
Your Ship will have to anchor just off the Island and must have the following on board:
Paper 5t Paper • Indigo 6t Indigo

Load the required Goods onto your Ship and drop anchor just off the Island to draw the Map.
Abbess Hildegard is hoping for some ideas on to how to rescue Lord Northburgh from the Assassins' fortress.

Al Zahir offers the following Auxiliary quest to help us acquire the required Goods.

The Map Stars[]

Objective: Acquire and store the following items in your Warehouse: Indigo 6t Indigo • Paper 5t Paper

Build a Plantation suitable for producing Indigo.
Al Zahir can sell you the Paper you will need for the Map.
Hildegard von Lewenstein is counting on your full support in releasing the Emperor's cousin from his unfortunate situation.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 indigofarminoasis

Indigo farm in oasis.

The Indigo farm is unlocked after reaching Nomads 295 Nomads and the "Guest of the Bedouins" Diplomatic rank. Bring the "Princely attention" Prestige gift we bought from Hildegard von Lewenstein to Al Zahir to increase your Diplomatic rank with the Orient.

Al Zahir presents us with a Large Oriental trading once our Settlement reaches Nomads 250 Nomads. We can use this Ship to purchase the required Paper from Al Zahir and deliver it to our Warehouse. The quest will automatically complete once we reach Indigo 6t of Indigo.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Once we've completed the Auxiliary quest, we can load the required Goods onto our Flagship and sail it to the Assassins' fortress in the Northeast of the region. Once the Island has been successfully mapped, take the map back to Earlbury to complete the quest. On our way to the Island of no return we will have passed Hopton, an Island inhabited by our old friend Phillipe Lamour. Let's check on him by selecting his Warehouse.

Reward: Gold coins 1520 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour • Scroll 3 1 Princely attention

News from Marie Stars[]

Objective: Bring the following to Phillipe Lamour's Warehouse: Dates 20t Dates • Milk 20t Milk

Phillipe Lamour has returned here to report the latest news. Kardinal Lucius is about to reduce everything to rubble and ash. Even though Marie d'Artois is confronting him with grim determination, she is ill-prepared for such a battle.

Disaster just seems to follow this man wherever he goes. We better support Marie in her endeavours. With the additional Goat farm we constructed earlier, we should soon be able to complete this quest.

Reward: Gold coins 1396 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour • Ropes 20t Ropes

Volunteers please! Stars 2[]

Objective: Ensure that at least 120 Envoys live in Diyah.

To settle Envoys, you must further upgrade your Settlement.
You should build more Nomad huts and satisfy the Needs of the Population so that Envoys come to live in your Settlement.
Al Zahir is looking for volunteers to help release Lord Northburgh in a secret rescue mission.

Al Zahir offers the following Auxiliary quests when your Settlement reaches Nomads 440 Nomads.

Noble Knotting Stars 2[]

Objective: Build the following to produce Carpets: Carpet workshop • Silk plantation • Indigo farm

To attract even more Nomads into your Settlement, you should create the relevant Manufactories to satisfy their Need for Carpets. To produce Silk, however, you must first find an Island with the appropriate Fertility.
Envoys will then soon move into Diyah.

Cost: Gold coins 1150 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 15 • Tools 7
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 105
= Carpets
Carpet workshop
+ Silk
Silk plantation
+ Indigo
Indigo farm

Let's take our newly acquired Oriental ship and load it with Wood 10t Wood and Tools 10t Tools. We can then go off in search of a suitable Island for Silk production. Once we've found it, we'll create the required Silk plantation and create a Trading route to deliver the Silk to Diyah, where we need to build an Indigo farm and a Carpet workshop to start producing Carpets.

Reward: Gold coins 1033 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Oriental Architecture Stars 2[]

Objective: Build the following in Diyah: Mosaic workshop • Quartz quarry • Clay pit

Mosaic is an important building material for Oriental buildings. If you wish to settle Envoys, you should start developing the appropriate Production chains.
Al Zahir is relying on your full support.

Cost: Gold coins 3600 • Wood 39 • Tools 22
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 80 + Maintenance cost 8
= Mosaic
Mosaic workshop
+ Clay
2x Clay pit
+ Quartz
Quartz quarry @90%

The Raw materials for producing Mosaic are in high demand during this Chapter. In addition to creating a full Mosaic production chain, we'll also build one additional Quartz quarry and one additional Clay pit, as we'll need some surplus Goods to complete quests later.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

In the name of Allah Stars[]

Objective: Build a Mosque close to the Nomad houses.

Bear in mind that you will require Mosaics when building a Mosque.
Faith is particularly important to Orientals. Satisfy both Al Zahir's and your People's wish quickly in order to interest enough Envoys in Lord Northburgh's rescue mission.

We can "rush" the Mosque by buying the Mosaics from Al Zahir. This allows us to build the Mosque before we've set up our Mosaic production, which speeds up our progression significantly. This same strategy can be used to build a Keep before setting up Glass production during Continuous games.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Now that all the Needs of our Nomads are satisfied, we'll soon have the first Envoys moving into our Settlement. Let's take this moment to check in with the girls up in the Witchmarsh.

Reward: Gold coins 1285 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

WarningSign The Prophecy Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver Quartz 20t Quartz to Hekata to hear the witches' prophecy.

Hekata and her sisters dreamed about you in a vision! Now they offer to take another look into their crystal ball for you.
Do you wish to know what the future has in store for you? Then bring the witches what they want!

Select the Old tree in the Witchmarsh to start a Hidden quest for Hekata. Luckily we've just started producing Quartz, so we'll soon be able to deliver the required Goods.

Reward: Gold coins 1064 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Black Gold Stars 2[]

Objective: Build the following to produce Coffee: Roasting house • Coffee plantation

"The only way I'm sharing this house with 24 other people is if I have some strong Coffee in the morning."
- Envoys, apparently.

Cost: Gold coins 2100 + Gold coins 2000 • Wood 9 • Tools 18 • Mosaic 27
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 85
= Coffee
Roasting house
+ Coffee beans
2x Coffee plantation

After ascending from Nomads, no new Envoys will move into the Residences until they have access to Coffee. This will severely limit the number of Envoys we can house, so let's bring them some Coffee. We'll need to set up a Coffee production chain on an Island with the requisite Coffee fertility. There's an Island to the South of Diyah with the Coffee fertility already present. Load the required Building materials onto your Oriental Trading ship and settle Monkey Island. Since our Nomads are quickly using up our Mosaic supply, we'll buy the required Mosaic 30t Mosaic from Al Zahir's Warehouse before setting off.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkcoffeeroute

Silk and coffee route.

After settling the Island, we can create the Coffee production chain. We should also update our Trading route to include picking up and delivering the Coffee to Diyah. We'll need Coffee 40t of Coffee to complete some later quests, and with a production speed of only 1 ton per minute, that is going to take a while. Therefore, it is advised to build a second Coffee production chain to speed up production.

Reward: Gold coins 1173 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

The struggle continues Stars 2[]

Objective: Bring the following to Phillipe Lamour's Warehouse: Coffee 20t Coffee • Carpets 20t Carpets

Phillipe Lamour returns with more news. Kardinal Lucius was driven back for now, but there are still mighty battles raging. Marie d'Artois's Troops are increasingly weary and the bad weather is starting to take its toll on those fighting.
Do not leave Phillipe Lamour and his Lady high and dry!

Once we've got our Coffee and Carpets production up and running, we can soon complete this quest for Phillipe Lamour.

Reward: Gold coins 1289 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour • War machines 20t War machines

The Rescue[]

Objective: Save Lord Northburgh from the Island of no return.

Now that we have enough volunteers to arm a Mining camp, it is time to get Lord Northburgh away from those Assassins.
This will be a daring rescue attempt!

Once our Settlement reaches Envoys 120 Envoys, a Miner position will appear on the Beach near our Warehouse. We'll have to complete all of the following quests to get Lord Northburgh out of his Prison tower.

The Setup Stars[]

Objective: Transport the Miners to Island of no return.

Select the Miners on the Beach at Diyah and activate the Order to move. Now use a left-click to issue the order to travel to the Assassins' island.
The Troops will automatically enter a Transport ship and set off on their journey.
You must act quickly if Al Zahir's plan is to succeed!

When we select the move command and select a location outside of our Island, a Transport ship appears. Notice that our Troops first have to march to the Warehouse before they can set off by Ship. Once the Troops are on the Transport ship, we can move them using Ship commands. Now sail to the Beach of Al Rashid's Island.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

The Bridgehead Stars[]

Objective: Build a Castle on the Island of no return.

Select the Troopship and press the “Build castle” button in the Ship menu. The Building will now appear at the tip of your mouse pointer and is now ready to be built on the Coast.
Now it's time to get serious about putting Al Zahir's plan to free Lord Northburgh into action...

Note: The Military unit that is used to build the Castle is generally consumed by this action. For this quest, a new (or the same?) Miner position is automatically placed on the Island of no return after placing the Castle. This only works for the first Castle, however. If we place a second Castle, the only way to get the Miner position back is to demolish it or upgrade it to a Warehouse. If we demolish all of the Castles with the Miner position still on the Island, the only way to get it off the Island is to build a Warehouse from your Flagship. It's probably easiest to just continue to the next quest instead of trying to break the game, however.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

The Tunnel Stars[]

Objective: Issue the order to your Miners to dig a Tunnel to the prison Tower.

Miners can dig a Tunnel to infiltrate enemy territory unseen.
Select the Troop and give them the appropriate order by right-clicking on the prison Tower.
Al Zahir hopes they will be able to create an underground escape route from the prison Tower.

Lord Northburgh is not held in the main Assassins' fortress, but is instead kept in the Prison tower next to it. Hovering over the tower with the Miner position selected displays the Attack icon. Right-click the Prison tower to issue the command to the Miners to start digging.

Reward: Gold coins 1423 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

WarningSign A suitable Residence Stars[]

Objective: Convert your Castle into a Warehouse.

Select the Castle and change it into a Warehouse using the button in the Building menu.
Poor Lord Northburgh should under no circumstances be forced to stay in another heavily guarded Fortress...

This quest will not accept a Warehouse placed from a Ship. It also won't trigger if you've already upgraded a Castle to a Warehouse before the Miners finish rescuing Lord Northburgh. It will only trigger if there's no Warehouse on the Island yet, and it will only be completed once you upgrade a Castle to a Warehouse and there's not other Castles on the Island remaining. Great coding, guys...

Reward: Gold coins 1113 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

With Lord Northburgh now safely in our Warehouse, we can finally consider this rescue mission a success. Let's see if the Assassins have figured out how we managed to get around their defenses yet. Create a Road connection to the gate of the Assassins' fortress and select it.

WarningSign An Assassin's Salty Tears[]

Objective: Help Al Rashid repair the damage to the Prison tower.

Al Rashid must have interpreted our new Road connection as a sign of friendship, and he's asking for our help to repair the damage our Miners dealt to the foundations of his Fortress. Who knew Assassins cared so much about structural integrity?

Reparation Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Al Rashid: Mosaic 20t Mosaic • Clay 20t Clay

The Tunnel your Miners built collapsed shortly after Lord Nortburgh's rescue and caused extensive damage to the Assassins' fortress.
Despite Al Rashid's respectful recognition of your daring rescue operation, he is unwilling to pay all of the repair costs himself.

This Hidden quest can only be activated after creating a Road connection to the Assassins' fortress from our newly created Warehouse, making it one of the most missed quests of this Chapter. After starting the quest, simply bring the required Goods to the Assassins' Island to complete the quest.

Reward: Gold coins 1620 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Black Assassins' drink Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Al Rashid: Coffee 20t Coffee • Milk 20t Milk

The Assassins toil day and night to repair the damaged foundations of their Settlement. The men are starting to get worn out.
Help Al Rashid and get hold of the ingredients for making really good Coffee!

Reward: Gold coins 1267 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Free at last! Stars[]

Objective: Take Lord Northburgh to the Emperor in Earlbury.

Lord Northburgh has but one ambition: Kardinal Lucius should be brought to account for his deeds! But this can only be done with the Emperor's backing.
Travel with Lord Northburgh to the ailing Sovereign and seek another audience. You may have more luck this time.

Don't forget to load Lord Northburgh onto your Ship before setting off for Earlbury. The first half of the Chapter ends after this quest. This also locks the player out of completing the "The Prophecy" quest for Hekata. This quest is automatically completed when you get in range of Earlbury, so make sure you have completed that quest before sailing to Earlbury.

Reward: Gold coins 1688 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

Hanging by a thread Trophy[]

Objective: Save the Emperor's life.

The monarch's life is hanging by a thread. His only hope for recovery seems to lie in a mysterious remedy - a remedy whose concoction is as complicated as it is arcane. Do everything in your power to help Lord Northburgh save his cousin from the jaws of death!

The only hope Stars[]

Objective: Take Lord Northburgh's letter to the witches of the Old tree.

After meticulous perusal of many tomes of medical Science, Lord Northburgh and Hildegard von Lewenstein were able to ascertain which remedy might improve the Emperor's condition. However, the exact recipe was only known to the witches of the old tree.
Lord Northburgh asks you for help; the Emperor's life is in your hands!

Reward: Gold coins 1047 Gold coins • Honor 30 Honour

Witch's curse Stars 2[]

Objective: Destroy the thieving Merchant's Ship and return the recipe to Hekata.

The witches have agreed to concoct the Emperor's cure. Unfortunately, however, a cunning trader stole the recipe not long ago and was promptly struck by the curse of the three witches. He won't make it far.
Destroy the Ship for Hekata and salvage the recipe!

The Cursed Ship will never leave the world, and will eventually succumb to the Witch's curse. It's much quicker to chase down the Ship and sink it though.

Reward: Gold coins 1275 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Defence of the homeland Stars 2[]

Objective: Bring the following to help Phillipe Lamour: Orientals 1 Group of volunteers

Marie d'Artois is in dire straits! Without your help she will lose against Kardinal Lucius.
Phillipe Lamour explains that he will acquire the bars of Silver for you if you can provide just a few volunteers for the battle against Kardinal Lucius.

Al Zahir explains that you need to grow your Settlement before the Group of volunteers will come forward, and offers the following Auxiliary quest.

The search for volunteers Stars 2[]

Objective: Settle 300 Nomads and 500 Envoys in Diyah.

Upgrade your Settlement further and ensure that all the Needs are satisfied.
You are sure to find some Orientals who will help you and Marie d'Artois defend your homeland.

Reward: Gold coins 1463 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

Once the Volunteers arrive in your Warehouse, Phillipe Lamour will request you to let them board. Once you agree, he sets off and gives you the Silver bar as thanks.

Reward: Gold coins 1125 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour • Silver bar 1 Silver bar

Time is running out Stars 3[]

Objective: Bring the following ingredients to Hekata: Black pearl 1 Black pearl • Bottle purple 1 Four juices

After studying the recipe very carefully, Hekata has found out that two ingredients of the Essence are of vital importance. The Black Pearl and the Four juices. Unfortunately, Hekata does not have these ingredients. These must now be found.

We acquire these Items in the following Auxiliary quests.

The Black Pearl Stars 2[]

Objective: Use the Miners to help you recover the Black Pearl from the ruined Tower next to the two elephant skeletons.

Ship the Miners to the said Island.
Legend has it that the Black Pearl was hidden under a Tower. Two elephant skeletons are to be found near it. That is where you should start excavating!

The elephant skeletons are already present before this quest activates, so we can identify the Island our Miners need to be on ahead of time. If you're unsure which Island to choose, the game seems to have a bias towards placing the skeletons on Diyah.

Reward: Gold coins 1611 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour

An Alchemists' brew Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Izmir for the four juices: Iron ore 1t Iron ore • Gold ore 1t Gold ore • Silver bar 1 Silver bar

As usual, nothing in the Laboratory of the chaotic Alchemist is in its right place, let alone any of the ingredients for the four juices.
Help Izmir obtain the ingredients! Perhaps you will find someone who can buy or sell you the essential ingredients...

Izmir will ask you to hand over the materials as soon as they become available in your Warehouse. Simply accept his request to complete the quest.

Reward: Gold coins 1119 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour • Bottle purple 1 Four juices

With both the Black pearl Black pearl and the Bottle purple Phial with the four juices now in your possession, simply deliver them to the Warehouse on Hekata's Island and she will happily start brewing the Essence of life. However, there's still one more quest to complete, so the Emperor will have to remain ill a little longer.

Reward: Gold coins 1224 Gold coins • Honor 90 Honour

WarningSign The red herring Stars 3[]

Objective: Build 3 Oriental warships for Phillipe Lamour.

Create an Oriental shipyard to build Oriental warships for Phillipe Lamour.
Kardinal Lucius has led a major attack on Marie d'Artois's outpost and their Shipyard went up in flames during the fight.
If you don't help, her fate may be sealed.

Even after all the previous support we've provided Marie, she still needs one last favour from us, and it's a big one. Before we can build Oriental warships, we first need to unlock them. And for the first time, there's no Auxiliary quests to guide us.

Becoming the Sultan's confidante[]

We'll need to acquire the maximum attainable Diplomatic rank with the Orient before they allow us to build Warships. We'll have already increased our Prestige quite a bit, but we'll need a few more to reach "The Sultan's confidante". Because of the way the Diplomatic gifts are set up in this Chapter, the "Princely attention" gift gives more Prestige per Honour than the "Noble appreciation". We can use at most 3 "Noble appreciation" gifts without it costing additional Honour.

Note: We can sell "The Scholars' Abacus" from the "Sensational" quest for Honor 300 Honour in case we're missing a little bit. Only do this after using it to reach Envoys 1740 Envoys, however.

Reaching Major city[]

We'll also have to reach the "Major city" status by settling at least Envoys 1740 Envoys to unlock the construction of Oriental warships. Let's do some calculations again. To settle 1740 Envoys we require at least 70 Envoy houses. Since 70% of Oriental houses can become Envoy houses, we'll need 100 houses in total. This gives us a total Population of Envoys 1750 Envoys and Nomads 450 Nomads.

A quick look at the Inhabitant support page tells us that we'll need 4 Date plantations and 4 Goat farms. Our one Carpet workshop should be enough to supply our Population, especially since we should have a pretty big surplus of Carpets that we've built up throughout the Chapter. We'll also have more than enough Coffee supply with two Coffee production chains.

As our Settlement expands, our Envoys will develop a Need for Pearl necklaces. Once we reach Envoys 1040 Envoys, it's as if they suddenly realise that the former happiness they had was meaningless, because now they must have Pearl necklaces to feel true happiness again. The Production chain for producing Pearl necklaces is as follows.

Cost: Gold coins 3000 • Wood 22 • Tools 15 • Mosaic 27
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 110
Pearl necklaces
Pearl necklaces
= Pearl necklaces
Pearl workshop
+ Pearls
Pearl fisher's hut

The Pearl fisher's hut needs to be placed on the Coast of your Island near a Coral reef. We can find Coral reefs by expanding the Fertility bar at the top of the screen and looking at our available Islands. The western Island has three Coral reefs, while the southern Island only has one. A single Coral reef can supply any number of Pearl fisher's huts though, so it doesn't matter too much which one we choose. We'll only need one or two Pearl necklace production chains to satisfy our Envoys adequately enough that they will continue moving in.

Acquiring the Materials[]

To build the three Oriental Warships, we'll need Ropes 240t Ropes and War machines 90t War machines. Phillipe very graciously gave us some of these materials for completing his earlier quests, and he sells the remaining materials at his Warehouse. To avoid having to manually sail back and forth to buy the Building materials from Phillipe's Warehouse in Hopton, we can set up a Trading route to automatically purchase and deliver them with our Flagship, and we can set the Gathering point of the Oriental shipyard near his Warehouse as well to automatically send the Oriental warships to him once they're constructed.

Note: The default Storage capacity of the Oriental warehouse is increased from Storage capacity 40t to Storage capacity 80t in this Chapter, allowing us to store the required amount of Goods to even start construction on the Ships.

Once all three Oriental Warships have made their way to Phillipe Lamour, the quest can be completed.

Reward: Gold coins 1420 Gold coins • Honor 60 Honour • Tools 20t Tools

Hope for the Emperor? Stars[]

Objective: Bring the Essence of Life to Lord Northburgh in Earlbury.

The Essence of Life has been brewed. However, it must now be administered to the Emperor as quickly as possible. Each second that passes could hamper the healing process.
You must hurry; the ailing Sovereign's life is in your hands!

Finally our Errand run is completed and we've received the Essence of Life from the Witches. Though, after all the effort we've put into it, why would we just give it away? If it can cure the ill, imagine what it could do to the healthy. Let's sail to Earlbury and tell Lord Northburgh that we're keeping the Essence of Life for ourselves.

Accepting Lord Northburgh's request to hand over the Essence of Life immediately ends the Chapter, so make sure to have completed all other quests before this.

Ending in-game cutscene[]

Close to death, the Emperor takes the Essence of Life with his last ounce of strength. Hildegard von Lewenstein is worried whether the Emperor will be restored to health. Phillipe Lamour arrives breathless and reports that Marie d'Artois is about to suffer defeat. Lord Richard Northburgh urges everyone to hurry to help Marie d'Artois as a matter of urgency.

Campaign Quests List[]

Picture gallery[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 unnecessarymarketbuilding

Market building.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 goatfarminoasis

A goat milk oasis.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkislandwithoasis

West island with silk.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 silkplantationinoasis

Silk plantation on oasis land.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 newsilkroute

New silk route.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 passivepurchasingofgoods

Passively purchasing goods.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 passivesellingathomeisland

Selling surplus goods.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 abouttobuildthecastle

At the fortress island.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 buildingthecastle

The new castle.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 towerwithnorthburgh

Northburgh's tower.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 finaltraderouteforenvoys

Final trade route.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter7 finalenvoycity

Final envoy city.