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The Sultan is the leader of the Orient. The Sultan plays a minor role in the Campaign, only showing up at the end to express his wish to unite the two nations. Outside of the Campaign, the Sultan will arrive at Grand vizier Al Zahir's port after the completion of the first Sultan's mosque. Once settled in, he will occasionally offer the player Extensive quests. Like those offered by his Occidental counterpart, these quests are generally more difficult than any quests the player will have completed before, but offer powerful rewards for completing them.

Extensive quests[]

The Sultan has 8 distinct Extensive questlines the player might be tasked with. Each quest is made up of 4 to 6 individual quests, and requires the player to have reached the Envoy Civilisation level. Note that each individual quest counts as completing one quest for the Sultan for the purposes of achieving Victory conditions. Successfully completing all 8 Questlines will grant the player the "A Sultan in the Sultan's Place" Achievement. The quests in the second half also require the player to have at least 4 Warships in their fleet.

  • The Big Feast I-V
  • The False Coat of Arms I-V
  • For Posterity I-IV
  • The False Chronicler I-VI
  • Influenza with consequences I-V
  • The Planned Coup d'etat I-VI *
  • Al Hamra I-IV
  • Harmony I-VI

* Requires the player to be at war with at least one Opponent (or Corsairs).

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