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The Emperor
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The Emperor is the leader of the Occident, and the cousin of Lord Richard Northburgh. The Emperor is one of the main characters in the Campaign. Outside of the Campaign, he arrives at Lord Northburgh's port after the completion of the first Imperial cathedral, at which point he will start giving the player Extensive quests. These quests are generally some of the most difficult in the game, but offer powerful rewards for completing them. They are also required to fulfil the victory condition of the Guild master Scenario.

Extensive Quests[]

The Emperor has 8 distinct Extensive questlines he can give to the player. Each quest is made up of 4 to 7 individual quests. Note that each individual quest counts as completing an Emperor quest for the purposes of completing Victory conditions. The Emperor will only give Extensive quests while the player has reached the Noblemen Civilisation level and has at least 4 Warships in their fleet. Completing all 8 quests grants the player the "I am the state" Achievement.

  • Thirst for Knowledge I-V
  • Enemy in your own ranks I-VI *
  • The Imperial Garden I-V
  • The Emperor's mercy I-VII
  • The Game Board of Power I-IV
  • Imperial Grandeur I-VI
  • Joined Forces I-IV
  • Court Intrigue I-V

* Requires the player to be at war with at least one Opponent (or Corsairs).

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