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Name of the game[]

Anno 1404 vs Dawn of Discovery[]

In Europe this game is called "Anno 1404" for the PC, Wii, and DS while, in North America it is called "Dawn of Discovery" for the PC, Wii, and DS. There is also a "Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery" for the Nintendo DS which is based on the "Anno 1701" game


The games before "Anno 1404"/"Dawn of Discovery" used the AD year naming method for North American releases and the Anno naming method for European releases.

Honour vs Prestige vs Reputation[]

Lord Richard Northburgh

Grand Vizier Al Zahir

For more information: Honor
Honor.png Honor is gained by performing quests, funding non player computer characters, or by the direct purchase in the Diplomacy menu. Honour is used to buy special items from the warehouses of the Grand Vizier al Zahir and Lord Northburgh. It can also be used to buy an auxiliary fleet or to buy money. If the player has a trade alliance with Hassan ben Sahid of the Corsairs, it can be used to purchase special items from him as well. It can also be used to gain ranks in the Attainments menu and to purchase items that can be built in your cities and towns.
Scroll.png Prestige is only used with Grand Vizier al Zahir. Prestige determines the diplomatic rank of the player. It is increased by purchasing gift with honor from Lord Northburgh and bringing the gift to the warehouse of the Grand Vizier. Prestige cannot be lost. Once the player is at the maximum rank with the Grand Vizier, the prestige gifts no longer appear in Lord Northburghs warehouse.
Reputation is a measure of how the computer players like the player. Reputation levels need to be at certain values to conduct trade treaties and alliances. Reputation is gained by doing quests, or by flattery and purchase in the Diplomacy Menu.

Achievements vs Attainments[]

Achievements are the different objectives you can complete to receive gems and can be viewed in the player profile. When you fulfill the requirements, a message will pop-up in-game showing the name of the achievement you completed and how many gems you received for it. Achievements are associated with your player profile and can only be completed once.

Attainments are the various upgrades you can purchase from the unique AI personalities (Lord Northburgh, Al Zahir, Hassan ben Sahid) using Honour Points. Attainments are locked and unavailable in the single-player campaign.

Population vs Population Level vs Civilization Level vs Civilization Class[]

Often players get confused between the difference between population, population level, civilization level, and civilization class but each term describes a distinct aspect of game-play, even though they are inter-related.

Population indicates the total number of people living in your entire worldwide empire. This is the number shown in the bottom-left of the screen.

Population level specifically indicates what size each individual island-city has reached. There are ten levels: Small Settlement I, Small Settlement II, Settlement, Village, Small Town, City, Major City, Commercial Center, Metropolis, and Cosmopolitan City. Each of these is represented by a Roman Numeral (I-X) in the city list. The current level of each city can also been seen by clicking on any island warehouse and viewing the upper-right corner display, although confusingly this only shows a total of eight icons for city size.

Civilization level indicates the highest class of people in each of your island-cities. The game narrator voice-over makes special when you reach certain civilization levels, and tells you that "Citizens/Patricians/Nobles/Envoys now live in your city." Note that reaching new civilization levels often causes your city to reach a new population level, however the terms are technically distinct.

Civilization class more generally refers to the distinct classes of people in Anno 1404, those being the Beggar, Peasant, Citizen, Patrician, Noble, Nomad, and Envoy. Usage of the shortened term "class" is often used to indicate such groups of people, such as when describing their needs.

Warehouse vs Marketplace vs Market Building[]

Small warehouse icon.png The warehouse is the item that first establishes a player's control over an island. Each player can have only one warehouse per island. Warehouses can be renamed to a maximum length of 15 characters.
Marketplace icon.png A Marketplace (or Bazaar in the Orient) has an influence range that gives you a place to build your Houses in and fulfills an essential need of every inhabitant. Multiple of these may be build on an island.
Small market building icon.png A Market Building is a building with an area of influence which send carts out to gather goods. The Oriental version sends 3 carts at all times, but can't be upgraded. The Occidental version sends 1 cart per level, with two upgrades possible.

North/South vs Occidental/Oriental[]

Although the words Occidental and Oriental are derived from the Latin words meaning West and East, they geographically represent north and south in Anno 1404. In some cases, such as seed descriptions, the distinction is made between Northern and Southern islands instead of Occidental and Oriental islands.

Difficulty levels[]

The game has three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. However, other terms are sometimes used in place of these terms. In the descriptions for achievements "Hard" is frequently noted as "Difficult" and settings for Corsairs are "weak, medium or strong".