Building details
Cost Gold coins 700 · Wood 7
Tools 3 · Stone 8
Maintenance (Inactive) Gold coins 20
Size Construction on river
Produces Leather jerkins Leather jerkins
Production per minute 4 tons[1]
Prerequisite Patricians 690 patricians
Optimal build Animal hides 4 Pig farms and Salt 1 Saltworks for every 2 Leather jerkins Tannery

This must be built on a river. It requires salt and animal hides to produce leather jerkins, a clothing need for patricians and noblemen. One complete production chain of 1 salt mine, 1 charcoal burner's hut (or coal mine), 1 saltworks, 4 pig farms and 2 tanneries produces enough leather jerkins to satisfy the need for 2850 patricians or 5000 noblemen.


  1. Annowiki in German.