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Building details
Cost Gold coins 1500 · Wood 5 · Tools 15 · Stone 20 · Glass 7
Maintenance Maintenance cost 40
Prerequisites Nobleman Noblemen
Size 3 x 3
Icon Surgery icon
Cures sickness and Plague in its Influence area.

The Surgery is an Occidental Public building. It protects your city from Sickness and Plague, assuming this condition is active. When a house within the Influence area of the Surgery becomes plagued by Sickness, a Medic will be sent out to the house to cure the inhabitants. The Medic requires a road connection to reach the house, and will move faster on Cobblestone streets than on Dirt roads. Sickness does not spread very quickly, however, so it is generally not necessary to build Cobblestone streets just for the Surgery. For efficient ways of incorporating a Surgery into your cities, see Housing layouts.

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