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Sultan's mosque
Sultan Mosque
Building details
Cost Gold coins 50000 · Wood 40 · Tools 80 · Mosaic 100
Maintenance Maintenance cost 300 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 150)
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 6 2000 Prestige
Envoys 1740 Envoys
Size 15 x 10
Icon Sultans mosque
First part of the Monument.
Creates a Construction area for Nomad huts.
Satisfies all Building requirements of the Orient when completed.

The Sultan's mosque is an Oriental Monument. It follows the same mechanics as the Imperial cathedral; It creates a Construction area for Oriental housing and satisfies all Public building requirements within its Influence area. Grand vizier Al Zahir will reward you with Honor 1000 Honour after completing the first Sultan's mosque. The Sultan then arrives in the region and will occasionally give Sultan's quests. Al Zahir will also start offering powerful end-game Items in his Warehouse, which can cost up to Honor 1000 Honour.

Note: The Setup Achievement "The Emirate" requires the player to finish construction of the Sultan's mosque within 5 in-game hours of play.


Sultans mosque Mosaic Mosaic Wood Wood Tools Tools Glass Glass Maintenance cost Maintenance Envoys Prerequisites Hourglass Time
Timberwork 144 180 - - 300 1740 Envoys 30
Mosaic floor 432 - 240 - 350 3480 Envoys 60
Window 648 - - 270 400 5240 Envoys 90
COMPLETE 1,324 220 320 270 500 - 180

The first step of constructing any Monument is to place the Foundation. The Sultan's mosque is the only Oriental building that does not follow the linear progression between Oriental Inhabitants and Diplomatic rank. It requires the highest Diplomatic rank, but only Envoys 1740 Envoys to unlock, while the final buildings from the previous Diplomatic rank are unlocked at Envoys 2600 Envoys. That is to say, don't wait until after unlocking all the buildings from the previous Diplomatic rank before achieving "The Sultan's confidante" if you want to start building the Sultan's mosque as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the prerequisites for starting the final Phase of Construction is higher than the unlock prerequisite for any other Oriental buildings, so we'll want to continue expanding until we've reached the Metropolis status at Envoys 5240 Envoys. Envoy houses can hold up to 25 Envoys, meaning we'll need at least 210 Envoy houses to reach a Metropolis. The Population page tells us that 70% of our Oriental houses can become Envoys. This means we'll need at least 300 houses in total.


Monuments, just like Production buildings, need to retrieve the Raw materials they consume. While we could technically have the Master builders retrieve the materials directly from Production buildings within its Influence area, the high demand and placement within the center of our Settlement makes it more advisable to have a Trade building in range from which the Building materials can be retrieved.

We can calculate the Consumption rate of the Sultan's mosque by dividing the total Resource cost of each stage by the time it takes to complete it. This consumption rate neatly matches up with the Production speed of the Building material Plants that supply it. The number of Production buildings for each Phase of Construction is shown below. Note that Construction speed increasing effects from Items or the Academy of Wisdom increase the number of Production buildings needed to supply the Construction.[1] This is of course not the case for Items that also include a Construction cost reduction, like the Items given during Chapter 8 of the Campaign.

Goods Phase I Phase II Phase III
Mosaic Mosaic 2 3 3
Wood Wood 4 - -
Tools Tools - 2 -
Glass Glass - - 3


A construction plan item for the foundation does exist but how useful it is depends on what version of the game is being played.

  • In Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery) plan items permanently require a socket while their resulting building exists. As the only advantage gained by them is the saved placement resources, the socket can always be put to a better use. Selling them yields Honour, which is always useful.
  • In Anno 1404 Venice plan items were changed to be consumed upon use. This means that they save you the placement cost of buildings. Using them can save you considerable resources, especially with expensive placements like foundations.

Do read the tooltip of the construction plan carefully as it will warn you if the item will block a socket.


  • The Sultan's Mosque resembles the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Constantinople, Turkey. From this we can assume that the Orient is based on the Ottoman Empire, which is further supported by other references such as the title of Grand vizier and the Roasting houses, which are equivalent to real-life Turkish coffeehouses.
Sultan Ahmed Mosque


  1. The amount of required Production buildings can be calculated as the normal amount divided by (1 - [speedup percentage])