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Sugar cane plantation
Sugar plantation
Building details
Cost Gold coins 800 · Wood 5 · Tools 3 · Mosaic 9
Maintenance Maintenance cost 35 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 15)
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 6 2000 Prestige
Envoys 4360 Envoys
Fields Field icon 5 Sugar cane fields (4 x 3)
Field cost Gold coins 100 per field
Produces Sugar cane Sugar cane
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Sugar cane
Sugar cane fields require adequate Fertility.
Produces Sugar cane.

The Sugar cane plantation is an Oriental Farm building that produces Sugar cane, which is required to produce Sugar. Sugar cane fields require adequate Fertility to produce Sugar cane. Sugar cane seeds can be purchased from Grand Vizier Al Zahir and planted on any oriental island that has a customizable resource.


Cost: Gold coins 800 + Gold coins 500 • Wood 5 • Tools 3 • Mosaic 9
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 35
Sugar cane
Sugar cane
= Sugar cane
Sugar cane plantation
+ Field icon
5x Sugar cane field

The production chain for producing Sugar cane consists of a single Sugar cane plantation with 5 Sugar cane fields. Each Sugar cane field costs 100 Gold coins, bringing the total cost of the Production chain to 1300 Gold coins.

Sugar cane is only used by the Sugar mill to produce Sugar.

Cost: Gold coins 2400 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 17 • Tools 12 • Mosaic 28
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 110
= Sugar
Sugar mill
+ Sugar cane
2x Sugar cane plantation

Sugar field

Sugar cane plantation field