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Small shipyard
Small shipyard
Building details
Cost Gold coins 680 · Wood 10 · Tools 5 · Stone 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 10
Prerequisites Citizen 240 Citizens
Size 4 x 4
Icon Small shipyard icon
Must be built on the Coast.
Enables you to build Small trading ships and Small warships.

The Small shipyard is an Occidental Harbour building that enables the construction of Small Occidental ships. It initially only unlocks the construction of Small trading ships. The construction of Small warships is unlocked once the Patrician tier is reached.

Small trading ship[]

Small trading ship
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1500 · Wood 15 · Ropes 20 · Ship limit 1
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Hit Points Heart 400
Icon Small ship icon

The Small trading ship is the most basic type of Occidental ship. The Small trading ship has access to 3 Cargo holds and 1 Item socket. It has relatively high maintenance compared to its mediocre speed. It is the first ship that is accessible for construction, making it a reliable option for setting up initial Trading routes.

Small trading ships can be improved with the Occidental shipbuilding Attainment.

  • Occidental shipbuilding 0: 40 Tons per hold, 400 Hit points, 0.86 Speed.
  • Occidental shipbuilding 1: 45 Tons per hold, 420 Hit points, 0.90 Speed.
  • Occidental shipbuilding 2: 50 Tons per hold, 440 Hit points, 0.95 Speed.
  • Occidental shipbuilding 3: 60 Tons per hold, 460 Hit points, 0.99 Speed.

Small warship[]

Small warship
Building details
Cost Gold coins 2000 · Wood 30 · Ropes 30 · Weapons 20 · Ship limit 1
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30
Prerequisites Patricians Patricians
Hit Points Heart 500
Attack Power Sword icon 6
Attack Range 10
Icon Small warship icon

The Small warship is the first Occidental Warship that can be constructed. It has 1 Cargo hold and 1 Item socket, making it the lowest-capacity ship in the game. This ship type can be requested from Lord Northburgh in exchange for Honour by Calling an Auxiliary fleet.

Small warships can be improved with the Dishonest methods (Corsair) Attainment. Note that with the way the Attainment works, Small warships do not gain any Damage improvements from it.

  • Dishonest methods 0: 500 Hit points, 30 Damage, 1.07 Speed.
  • Dishonest methods 1: 525 Hit points, 30 Damage, 1.12 Speed.
  • Dishonest methods 2: 550 Hit points, 30 Damage, 1.18 Speed.
  • Dishonest methods 3: 575 Hit points, 30 Damage, 1.23 Speed.

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