Introduction[edit | edit source]

Anno 1404 comes with six scenario maps that act as a bridge between the campaign and continuous mode. The scenarios contain small story vignettes with a few main goals, and completing each scenario unlocks an achievement, new player title, and a medal. There are two easy, two medium, and two hard scenarios.

Anno 1404: Venice adds fifteen new scenarios, each with stronger story elements (introductory and ending cut-scenes, voice acting through the quest stages) than the original six scenarios from the main game. Several of the first scenarios act as tutorials for the new game mechanics of Venice, such as espionage, the city council, and the Bailiwick building. New achievements, player titles, and medals are awarded for completing certain Venice scenarios.

Note: the original six Anno 1404 scenarios can also be played in the Venice expansion, under the "Classic" tab in the scenarios menu. These are identical to the originals, however all the new Venice game mechanics and changes are applied to each. Therefore, the original six scenarios are a bit easier when played in Venice, due chiefly to having a third trading partner and being able to buy cities.

Classic Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Elector / Electress[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars.png (easy) Build your population

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Accumulate 150,000 Gold coins.
  • Settle 5,000 Inhabitants worldwide.
  • Settle 2,000 Noblemen worldwide.

Master Builder[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars.png (easy)
Use large fertile islands on which to build cities that will be the envy of all.

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Build an Imperial cathedral
  • Settle 10,000 Inhabitants worldwide
  • Settle 5,000 Nobleman worldwide

Diplomat[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Discover the culture of the Orient and act as an ambassador between the two people.

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Build a Sultan's mosque.
  • Settle 5,000 Envoys worldwide.
  • Complete 5 quests for the Sultan.

Tips[edit | edit source]

This scenario allows you to focus nearly exclusively on your oriental settlement. 5,000 Envoys can easily fit on a moderately sized island, so it's easiest to only build one main oriental settlement. It's best to try to build the Sultan's mosque as fast as possible, since upon completion the Sultan will arrive at Al Zahir's island and then offer you quests at random intervals. Note that sometimes the Sultan can take a long time to offer quests and there's no way to speed up the process.

Guild Master[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Use thrift to turn your meagre start capital into a huge amount of wealth.

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Accumulate 500,000 Gold coins.
  • Obtain an Alliance with all the other players simultaneously.
  • Complete 5 Quests for the Emperor.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Simultaneously blocking the AI's advancement and befriending them: it is possible to monopolize an island without the AI being too angry about it. The trick is to allow them to settle the island, but not give them enough room to actually build anything useful. If you block all coastal areas of an island and stop the AI from settling entirely, they complain about it repeatedly, eventually leading to war. If you allow them to build a warehouse, but nothing more, then they will complain once about your settlement on the island, then settle it themselves, and be happy with their own 'settlement'. I recommend doing this for herbs: it is the rarest of the northern patrician-level resources, and will stop the AI from advancing to Nobleman level. Depending on the map, you might also consider monopolizing a different commodity. Cornering the Indigo market, for example, will prevent the AI making Carpets or Books.
  • You do not need to maintain your alliances with the AI once you have obtained them. Once the victory condition is fulfilled, it cannot be lost. After you have lured them all into alliances, you are free to betray and exterminate them, if you want to. Note that you can build within the AI's military radius when you are allied with them.
  • If you are in a game with Marie d'Artois and Sir Gavin Langton as AI's, postpone your alliance with Sir Gavin until you are allied with Marie. Sir Gavin tends to break the alliance and every time you re-ally with him, you lose up to 8 reputation points with Marie.

General[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Bring all your adversaries to their knees.

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Be the last survivor.
  • Sink 40 ships.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Imperator / Imperatrix[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Build your own empire under the most difficult conditions!

Winning conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Be the last survivor.
  • Secure all Attainments.
  • Build an Imperial cathedral and a Sultan's mosque.
  • Accumulate 1 million Gold coins.
  • Settle 10,000 Noblemen worldwide.
  • Settle 10,000 Envoys worldwide.
  • Complete 15 Quests for the Sultan or the Emperor.

The Latin word Imperator was a title originally roughly equivalent to commander during the period of the Roman Republic.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • See also: Hard AI guide.
  • See also: Imperator Scenario: Early Game Tips
  • First get rid of all your opponents, and then start worrying about any other assignments.
    • As such, you're basically re-doing General, but now with Kardinal Lucius present. See Scenario: General for tips on how to do this. The example map listed there is also one of the possible maps for Imperator. You may have to resort to warfare sooner than in General though, as it is very hard to stay at peace with Lucius. Otherwise there is little difference with the opponents you've faced in General.
  • Without items granting additional ascension rights, you're going to need 857 occidental and 572 oriental houses to reach 10,000 noblemen/envoys[1]. Each bonus item will save you at least 50 houses, so keep your eyes open for them at Northburgh/Al Zahir after constructing the monuments!
  • The 250 noblemen houses you'll need all fit within the influence range of a single imperial cathedral. That means you can demolish those debtor's prisons.

Venice Scenarios[edit | edit source]

The addon Venice includes fifteen new scenarios.


I: Vendetta[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars.png Easy
Focus: Diplomacy
Objective: Drop the enemy's population morale to zero.

  1. Place a Base of Operations within your city's limits.
  2. Send a spy to various safe houses and commit acts of espionage until morale reaches zero.

Tips[edit | edit source]

You must use the Venetian Base of Operations to send a spy into the enemy island, where he can commit acts of Espionage. Espionage reduces the morale of the enemy population and lowers your reputation with whomever you commit the acts against. When your enemy's population reaches zero morale, the scenario is won. If your reputation drops too low, the enemy will declare war on you, and you will lose the scenario.

Jorgenson is an easy AI and is not easily provoked into War.

Remember to use the Relationships screen (F7) to occasionally check your reputation with the enemy, and pay tribute to him to raise reputation if necessary.

II: Ray of hope[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars.png Easy
Focus: Adventure

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help Willem by finding some clues as to his daughter's whereabouts.

The hope of finding his daughter has brought new life to the otherwise melancholic Willem. However, with age taking its toll, he is glad that you have agreed to his request to help him with the investigations. Willem is convinced that together you will be able to track down the long lost Beatrice.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You have a mercenaries' castle on your settlement that you can make use for taking over Guy's island. All you need is to buy some weapons from the NPCs.

III: The key to power[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Diplomacy

Achievement: There's an achievement for purchasing the key to the city on all three of Leif's islands. This means you must purchase at least three council seats on each of his three islands in order to buy the keys on each. Make sure you buy the keys to the two secondary islands before his main island since acquiring the main island key ends the scenario!

Tips[edit | edit source]

You must buy three council seats from your opponent's main island in order to buy the key to the city, thus winning the scenario. In order to buy council seats in another city, you must have the Venetian attainment "Hostile Takeover," which is not available until the Patrician level. Grow your city until Patricians move in.

Once you reach the Patrician level, buy Hostile Takeover from the attainments menu (F10) and begin buying your opponent's council seats without starting a war. There are continual, optional side quests from the neutral powers that generate large amounts of money to aid in buying the seats and key, which can be very expensive.

Furthermore, if you use the arson sabotage and burn down a few houses the cost of the key to the city will be reduced.

Also, if you're only short a few gold to buy the key, you can increase your tax rates to orange or red to bring in lots of money since it doesn't matter if your people get mad since you're about to win.

IV: Reign of the elements[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars.png Easy
Focus: Adventure

Tips[edit | edit source]

You must recover three artifacts on three islands using a mining unit (called "Treasure hunters" by the game). However, every time you settle an island with an artifact, Witches will cause a disaster on the island. You must deliver goods to friendly powers to help them stop the disasters in order to retrieve the artifacts.

This scenario is very easy, with the hardest part being the final quest which requires providing 10t clay and 10t herbs. To prepare for this, be sure to expand your occidental city to 550 patricians and your oriental city to 440 nomads and reach "The Sheik's Ally" diplomatic rank.

V: Close to the wind[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Adventure

Tips[edit | edit source]

1040 envoys plus all required production buildings crammed onto the small oriental island.

1) This scenarios is all about winning boat races. You need a fast ship with good items to win these races. See the Ships & Items page for more information. Oriental Ships are faster than Occidental ones. An Oriental Shipyard requires 1,040 envoys, which requires 42 full houses. However, it's much easier to ascend roughly 65 houses, which each have 16/25 residents, because envoys will not move into newly ascended envoy housing unless you provide them more goods like coffee.

Fitting 1,040 envoys plus all the required production on the small island provided requires efficient use of space. Remember that the noria exploit can be used to provide full yield farms without all fields.

For ship speed, get 2x +10% speed "Sails" items from the beggar island, and your ship is capable of winning the final race. Be warned that on the final race you will be attacked by enemy ships between waypoint 3 and 5.

2) Building an oriental trading ship is not the only solution. You can win the first 2 races with your flag ship (you will need the help of some sockets). I used the small caravel, much faster, and gave it the 10% flags. I won. The third race I used a war ship from Al Zahir (exchange with some honor); ensure you have the white flag and another trump card like the repairman. You'll win easy as the other ships will be destroyed. When you get to the final race, I did as noted in the third solution. I WON :):):)

3) There is a third solution, probably easier still! - Take advantage of the large island which is alongside the course of this race. Build a warehouse at one end and a harbour master's office at the other. Use one ship to drop off the treasure at one end, and another ship to pick up the treasure from the other end and take it to the finish. Credit for this solution to vulcanjedi on the Ubi forums "Close to the Wind -- 4th Race"

For an alternative approach to this scenario, which requires minimal building work, see this page: Close to the Wind solution

4) The 4th solution, the most easiest for now.

Position near the lair.

You can take an advantage by glitch position near Hassan ben Sahid lair. Oriental warship was used with 2 +10% sail improvements and the 1st level attainment "Oriental Shipbuilding". Position your ship on the right side of the lair near the shore and Hassan ben Sahid will offer to start the race. Move camera to checkpoint, send the ship and then agree by clicking the tick mark.

VI: The di Mercante case[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Adventure, Trade, Logistics

Tips[edit | edit source]

There is an achievement available called "Master detective" which requires you to complete all five sidequests during this scenario. This achievement was originally glitched and unable to be obtained, but the Venice patch 2.1 fixed it so it is attainable.

Three of the sidequests will start as you play the mission, but the "Groundless" quest only starts if you sail just a bit southwest of Al Zahir's island and see the grounded ship. The next sidequest "Unknown Cargo" will immediately begin after completing the prior.

VII: Archipelago[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Development, Economy

Tips[edit | edit source]

You will need at least 92 occidental houses to get noblemen. You can win by using about 2/3 of your main island for houses. The other 1/3 can be used for Cider farms, Lumberjacks huts, Forest glassworks, ect.

You will need at least 20 oriental houses in order to produce Indigo, which is necessary for Books.

Hemp can be grown on the small island east of your main island. Bread, beer, wood, tools, and stone can be obtained from the island to the far west of your main island. Pigs can be placed on the small oriental island to the southeast of your main island and then transported north to the only occidental island that has a river.

Note: There is an achievement for settling on all islands in this scenario titled "Lord of the Reefs"

VIII: A rotten bet[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Development, Economy

Description[edit | edit source]

This scenario requires fulfilling the following conditions and maintaining them for 60 seconds.

  • Have at least 1000 beggars in your settlement
  • Your balance in positive
  • Your population is at least "Happy"

The beggar mechanics are slightly different than normal in this scenario.

  • Many more beggars than normal arrive.
  • Beggars refuse to enter hospices. This will be a serious drain on your capital: roughly 1500 gold per minute for 1000 beggars.

Note: There is an achievement for asking tribute from Northburgh, Al Zahir, or Garibaldi. It's a good idea to ask for tribute repeatedly anyway.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Refused or evicted beggars will not return. The only way to get more beggars is to expand your settlement further.
  • Maintaining a positive balance: The number of beggar in your settlement is proportionate to the number of citizens (and up) you have. This means that you can have as many peasants and nomads/envoys as you like without being flooded with beggars. Create a large peasant city and slowly upgrade them to citizens to grow your beggar population without risk of going bankrupt.
  • You only have to meet the requirements for 60 seconds. If you have problems maintaining a positive balance, but meet the other requirements, stockpile enough goods to keep your population "Happy", then start deleting your production buildings. This will quickly bring your balance to positive, thus allowing your to meet the objectives for 60 seconds.
  • Don't forget to set your oriental population to be happy in order to get the 60 second countdown started.

IX: Scourge of the seven seas[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Adventure, Military

Story[edit | edit source]

In this scenario you will start at the dead center of the map with a single corsair ship with 6 attack and the inherent auto repair ability. To increase your fleet size and rank with the corsairs you will have to pillage and plunder. With the money from the loot you gather from the ships and warehouses (mainly ships), you can buy corsair ships with 8 attack, these ships are brilliantly fast and have their auto repair. But the more you plunder the more large war ships start wrecking your party. These are quite hard beat and can destroy several of your corsair ships.

Eventually you will be so admired by Hassan he will send you to destroy a fleet of 4 large warships and 1 large trading ship. This trading ship holds an item called "loot" which finishes he scenario when given to Hassan.

You can buy a large fleet but another possibility is to just buy the key of power from Hassan. (Nobleman item) Sail into the ships and sink them. After that just sink that trading ship and you've won the scenario.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

There are three achievements possible:

  • Defeat 15 Navy (red) ships
  • Acquire 80,000 total bounty (will be done naturally as you progress through the level usually)
  • Achieve both the above achievements for the final one.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Most important tip would be, keep clicking the refresh button as often as you can to make sure you have boarding teams to board large war ships. The first one I took was with the starter ship and one bought ship, simply dragged out the battle until one of my ships was almost destroyed then I used the other to board and it succeeded.
  • Building on what the above tip said, make sure you take control of quest enemy ships. These ships are mainly named "Enemy Small Warship" or something similar with either 500 or 800 health. These ships are slow as dirt, have one item slot and cargo hold and they do either 6 or 10 damage pending on their size. Despite being limited, they have no upkeep cost and will not be attacked by the emperor's navy, an AI's navy or any military buildings. This is most likely a glitch, but these quest ships can be left in front of a harbor to build up your bounty and they will never be destroyed. Also good for finishing off the final quest as they once again will not be attacked.
  • The bought ships are perfect for taking out small ships and getting away with the booty and doing so continuously, so keep buying them.
  • Basic fighting skills like focusing all fire power on a single ship generally makes for a won battle.
  • Blocking the main port of a player gives quite a lot of loot at once, just put one or two large war ships in front of it beyond the range of the towers and let the corsair ships pick up everything. Be sure to get away before an overwhelming force of large war ships arrives though.
  • Enemy ship AI is rather stupid. They will typically focus on one of your ships and ignore the rest, allowing you to move the focused ship just out of range of the enemy while the rest of your ships continues shooting without counterattack. This is especially true in the final battle: those warship do not move at all, allowing you to pick them off one at a time.
  • To get money without increasing your rank among the corsairs, board large trade-ships, repair them, and fill with valuable cargo. Then sell ship at a much higher price. The cargo will be dropped in front of the corsair trade building and can be reused for next ship.

X: Noblesse oblige[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 2.png Medium
Focus: Development, Trade, Logistics

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Your task is to reach noblemen, using oriental islands only. The scenario is won as soon as you obtain your first nobleman.

Note that although the quest description states that you are to build a Metropolis, you do not need to reach "Metropolis" city status (3500 noblemen/5240 envoys). A status of "City" (1190 patricians) is enough to produce the single nobleman that is required.

Tips[edit | edit source]

This is actually a quite tricky scenario. It requires you to play quite differently because there aren't the proper fertiilities to grow all the goods you need. The key to winning is to set up many passive purchase orders on all your islands and to also use customs items to boost your goods.

  • You cannot produce cider, hemp, wheat, or herbs. Northburgh will never sell seeds for this either. You must use Passive Trading for these items. Withholding goods from your Occidental population is critical to conserve supply. You can restrict Peasants from Cider & Citizens from Linen without revolting.
  • Adjust the sliders in the Passive Trading to set not only how much Cider and Hemp you want, but also hoow much you are willing to pay. You can do this at each island you have which will encourage more frequent visits from traders.
  • You can optionally choose to not buy linen garments but buy hemp instead and produce the garments yourself. This is cheaper but Northburgh is the only one who sells Hemp and he prefers to not sell much, so you may want to buy both.
  • Lumber and Coal are hard to find on Oriental Islands, but a Noria can be used to make fertile terrain and you can plant trees yourself to reach 100% productivity.
  • You can produce books and leather jerkins entirely without buying goods. But so few books are needed to reach noblemen that you don't even need to setup books production. You can just buy books.
  • Focus on setting up a large Oriental island with at least 2 Bazaars with or nomad houses.
    1. Horde Cider through passive trading, once you have enough to start ascending Citizens (40-50), get just enough Citizens enough to produce Iron & Tools, then start cutting off cider to Peasants and then focus on building up a huge Oriental Population all the way to at least 1 Envoy and passively/active sell Carpets or other profitable goods.
    2. Max out the Trading Fleet Attainments for Zahir and Northburgh to encourage frequent trades with them.
    3. Horde Hemp and use your own weaver hut. One will be enough if you're restricting supply. Once you have around 100 Linen, Advance enough Patricians to reach Glass. Then restrict linens to just Patricians. At this point you should only be needing a steady source of Hemp and Cider. Build the Church when you can.
    4. Start hording Wheat and Herbs and produce a large supply of Bread and Beer. Never let Patricians consume these goods until you're ready to advance them. You can let them consume Jerkins as Pigs can be made anywhere. Actively buy Paper from Northburgh and horde it in your Occidental City, along with sufficient Indigo to produce books quickly.
    5. When you have around 50 Beer, 50 Bread, 100 Linens, and 150 Cider, and a large stockpile of Glass, Stone, Tools, and Wood in your Occidental City; start aggressively advancing the entire population. Move all their sliders into Euphoric. Once you reach the second last stage of the Patricians, you'll need to build books quickly. Put down 2-3 Print Houses to quickly pump out books to keep up with the demand. As soon as you have the Debtor's Prison, plunk it down and advance a single Patrician to win the scenario.
  • Get the attainment Imperial Merchant Fleet. This allows you to buy more goods, and more frequently[2].

XI: Incognito[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Focus: Development, Logistics

Objectives[edit | edit source]

This scenarios is comprised of several assignments with a time limit. If you fail to complete any of the tasks within the time limit, you also have the option to pay a fine. Failing to pay the fine will fail the scenario.

  1. Introduction. Time available: 8 minutes. Task: visit Garibaldi's ship. Upon expiry of time: automatically advance to first assignment.
  2. First inspection. Time available: 30 minutes. Upon expiry of time: a fine of 20,000 gold coins, to be paid within 4 minutes. Task: build the following.
  3. Second inspection. Time available: +30 minutes. Upon expiry of time: a fine of 30,000 gold coins, to be paid within 4 minutes. Tasks:
  4. Third inspection. Time available: +30 minutes. Upon expiry of time: a fine of 45,000 gold coins, to be paid within 4 minutes. Tasks: build the following.
  5. Fourth inspection. Upon expiry of time: a fine of 80,000 gold coins, to be paid within 4 minutes. Time available: +30 minutes. Tasks:

Tips[edit | edit source]

Winning this scenario is pretty easy, but the real challenge is completing the scenario with at least 30 minutes to spare to get the achievement 'I work best under pressure'.

This scenario is about fast and cost-effective building. There is plenty of space, so don’t bother about efficient building.

The inspector uses the 4 platforms to "check" if you've built what is required, so don't build around these spaces. Each platform has an influence area when you click on them that reveal the circle the game 'checks' to see if the required buildings are present. The administrator will stand there for inspection and you have to build the assignments within his influence area (also the nomad houses and mosque of the third inspection!).

Once you've completed an assignment you are free to demolish the buildings. This applies mostly for the Towers and Mosque as they offer your city little when built and have a reasonable upkeep.

Building all structures requires at least one Nobleman (for Manorial Palace), and at least 450 Nomads with enough favor to gain access to Quartz and a Mosque. Aim for these objectives while simultaneously completing the require objectives.

Use as much from the introduction time as possible since you don’t get a reward for unused time. Time left from the assignments creates honour and bonus time, so always complete each stage as fast as possible!!

Also request quests from the mentors to get honour faster. You really only need honour for buying enough diplomatic ranks to reach "Sheik's Ally". Once that happens, use all additional honour to ask for grants from all the mentors.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Start by immediately setting up three complete tools production chains on your main island. Connect Brother Hilarious and buy extra goods and buy all the Tools from Northburgh who is just north of your island. from him in the beginning. Also set up all four stonemason huts and about 10 lumberjacks. You can grab an additional Stonemason Hut on the Spice Island and ship this over.

Build a harbour masters office in the south-west for more efficient handling of the oriental trade routes. Edit the current spice route to go to your new harbour.

Do not colonize another occidental island (no need) but do colonize one of the two large oriental islands in the south or southwest.

One trick is to immediately demolish the oriental houses on 'Aschgabad' and change the trading route to bring both spices and dates to your main island. Now build a new oriental city right by your occidental city (where the south-east little platform is below your main city layout. Now build goat farms on your occidental island. Build an extra noria or two on 'Aschgabad' and build 2 more spice farms and 2 more dates farms.

Get enough nomads to unlock the quartz mines, mosaic quarries, and mosque (440 nomads). Now build two quartz mines on either large oriental island and ship it back. You need 75 Glass & Stone to complete the Manorial Palace.

You'll probably run out of money before the final stage where you have to build the very costly manorial palace parts. Produce extra linen garments, bread, tools, and ropes for a nice cash boost. Actively sell and passively sell as many surplus goods as possible and request Grants from the NPCs. Generate more money out of passive sales by maximizing the trading fleets in the attainments menu.

  • Total cost of Fourth inspection buildings: 55,000 Gold coins.png, 110 Tools.png, 75 Stone.png, 75 Glass.png (resulting in 230 Maintenance cost.png).

If you're really efficient, you can beat this level with close to an hour left. Note that the "I work best under pressure" achievement for completing the scenario with 30 minutes or more remaining on the clock was supposedly fixed to work in version 2.1, but sometimes you still don't get the achievement. The Unofficial Patch can be used to force this achievement.

Note: One devious strategy is to demolish each manorial segment after you build it. For instance, once all four corners are built, demolish all them. This saves the maintenance, although this method is a bit of an exploit.

XII: Istar's labyrinth[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Focus: Adventure

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find 16 treasures hidden in the labyrinth.

Tips[edit | edit source]

[Spoiler Warning!] Here's a map of the labyrinth including locations of all items, goods, and treasures.

Notice in the storm on the right side, you can find a boarding crew. With this item you can take over one of the small war ships.

XIII: Elysium[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Focus: Development, Economy

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Attain 1404 noblemen. Tax income is disabled.

Tips[edit | edit source]

With tax income disabled, you will have to make your money from trade. Active trade and passive trade are both viable options for gathering enough money to complete this scenario.

  • Default trade prices for all goods are three times what they normally are. Example: the normal base trade price of fish is 9Gold coins.png. In this scenario, the active (= base) trade price of fish is 27Gold coins.png. Passive trade still gets a 2.5x multiplier: selling fish passively yields 67Gold coins.png per ton.
  • In addition, active trade prices vary highly depending on who you sell to. Be sure to check who offers the most before deciding who to sell to.
    • Some goods are actually worth more in active trade with the highest bidder than it is in passive trade!
    • Northburgh and Al Zahir will pay at least the improved base price (3x normal) for all goods. Sometimes a little more.
    • Prices at Leif and Hildegard vary depending on what they need. They offer 1Gold coins.png for goods they do not need, and pay a premium for goods they do need. Sometimes they pay even more than the passive sale price (over 3x2.5=7.5 normal value)!

XIV: Pact with a bard[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Focus: Development, Military

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Destroy Baroness Zanchi's manorial palace on her main island. Do not allow Leif to be destroyed.

The player starts with neutral reputation with Zanchi and an alliance with Leif. Ingratiation and tributes to Zanchi are disabled. Zanchi will make regular demands for tribute. Failing to pay these results in war.

Note: There is an achievement for beating this scenario in only 1 real-life hour. This means you can and should use fast-forward as much as possible to make this deadline.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The easiest method to victory is to only recruit Trebuchets through the Robber Baron's Castle. You simply wait about 20 minutes and accumulate about 10 of these units. While waiting, expand production to meet your people's needs, such as more Cider, Linen Garments, and Bread. Then declare war, and land right at the upper part of the Baroness's island. Then destroy the main gate with all your Trebuchets. Move directly on to destroying the Manorial Palace. Keep building more Trebuchets. You'll probably have to do a couple waves of attack.

Meanwhile, have your 4 starting ships go stay by her Warehouse and keep destroying all her ships. You shouldn't ever need to build any more Ships. The Baroness is very stupid and victory can be had if you trick her into sailing her troops into the water so you can kill them. If she was smart, this mission would become nearly impossible.


You can also try for a slower, more economic route to victory. At the start you can expand settling Leif's main island and claim the river sites. Those will come in very handy when producing leather jerkins and books. Ingratiate him and pay a bit of tribute to compensate for the lost reputation.

It is possible to buy out Zanchi's main island. This will be very expensive. When you buy the key to the city, you become owner of the Manorial Palace and can simply demolish it to achieve victory.


You want to aim for 3 large military camps, and 2 trebuchet positions from Barnabas.

You can complete this scenario in 20 minutes, really easily. Build a few more houses, an extra hemp production chain, a weapons chain, 2 more stone masons, and a spare weapons smelter near your other tools production (but keep it deactivated for now). Also build another beer chain. Set the tax income for your Patricians and nomads to happy (light-green), and once you have enough patrician houses (enough for 38 unit limit - around 36-38 Patrician houses), also change the tax income on your Citizens.

Build the keep, and enable your second weapons smithy, disabling the toolmakers as long as you have a surplus (probably around 25t) of tools. This is so you can rebuild your city when it gets sabotaged. Before you run out of money, donate your honor for money (the 150 honor interaction), to get some extra funds. Also attempt to sell any surplus goods you have.

Position your military camps (transport ships) near the beach which is nearest to the Palace, along with your warships. By quickly declaring war, using your ships to protect your ships, land using one of the trebuchet units, and quickly place all 4 of your remaining troops down, making sure that one of your large military camps is the first to land, so it can tank the shots from the gatehouse. Now, send all your camps to attack the gatehouse, and once its destroyed, move them up next to the Manorial Palace. You can place your trebuchet position in direct range of the Palace, without having to destroy any of the smaller buildings. Now, just set it to attack the Palace, and protect it with your 3 military camps. You may end up loosing the Castle that you landed with, but don't worry. As long as you destroy the Palace, you automatically win.

XV: Barren lands[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: Stars 3.png Hard
Focus: Development, Trade, Logistics

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Build a city with 4,000 noblemen in a world with minimal fertility.
  • Rid the world of the corsairs. Each island cleared gives 400 honour and 5000 gold coins. Upon completion of this quest (the keep and the three Watchtowers around it can be left intact despite the Quest's "63" Tower count which should be "60"), the player receives The last contingent.
  • The last contingent. Destroy a fleet of 13 corsair ships. Completion enables trade (both passive and active) with Hassan ben Sahid. The corsairs are the only source of seeds on this map.

Tips[edit | edit source]

It's best to play this map in two distinct phases: fighting the corsairs & building the cathedral.

  • Fighting the corsairs:
    • Build a settlement and begin to gather coin in order to buy honour from Lord Richard Northburgh.
    • You can get tools by trading with Lord Richard Northburgh or by buying them from a monastery located on the island you start on.
    • There is an excavation site on the island; I highly recommend providing the required equipment for the excavation as it will create items. Most of the items will be useless but can later be traded for a large sum of honour from Lord Richard Northburgh.
    • With enough honour buy 2 small war ships and explore the map. Find the Grand Vizier Al Zahir so you are able to trade honour for large oriental warships.
    • Destroy the 60 Harbour Towers located around the coasts of islands. You do NOT need to destroy the Keep and three Watchtowers on the upper-right island, despite the game counting the Watchtowers in its total 63 towers. You just need to destroy the armies.
    • You can destroy the corsair's armies with your ships. Build a warehouse on one of their islands and any armies on it will move in to destroy it, putting them in range of your ship's cannons.
    • Now complete the fraternization quest, which requires destroying the Corsair fleet.
    • The 13 ships of The last contingent can be taken out with a single harbour defence tower. See screenshot for demonstration. Only the center ship fights back, the rest completely ignores the tower. They all eventually die without putting up much of a fight. This method exploits the bad AI, so you may wish to use the old fashioned method of attacking with Ships, retreating to heal, and repeating until you win. Although, you will lose many Ships trying to attack them.

Taking out 13 corsair ships with one tower

  • Building the cathedral:
    • Buy seeds from Hassan. Grow Cider and Hemp on islands.
    • You cannot buy any seeds from the corsairs until you have completed the missions.

    • You require 521 Houses total, with no Beggars or Envoys, to settle 4000 Noblemen.
    • The entire game you will only be able to plant cider, hemp and date seeds so all other resources will have to be traded for.
    • Settle all islands and put in purchase orders for Bread, Beer, and other goods. Then set up trade routes to bring these goods to your main island.
    • Settle the volcanic island and buy a geologist, who will allow you to make any number of the types of mines he provides. For example, you can build five salt mines with just one brine geologist.
    • Disallow Goods for your people that you cannot produce yourself. Only briefly allow all goods to push for further city levels. Don't worry about upsetting your population.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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