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Salt mine
Salt mine
Building details
Cost Gold coins 800 · Wood 11 · Tools 4 · Stone 5
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 10)
Prerequisites Patricians 690 Patricians
Produces Brine Brine
Production 4 tons / minute
Icon Brine
Must be built on a Brine deposit.
Produces Brine.

The Salt mine is an Occidental Production building that produce that produces Brine when placed on a Brine deposit. The Brine deposit will slowly deplete as the Salt mine produces Brine. The Brine deposit can be replenished with Gold coins. The maximum capacity of a Brine deposit is 2500 tons of Brine.


Cost: Gold coins 800 • Wood 11 • Tools 4 • Stone 5
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 20 + Maintenance cost 12
= Brine
Salt mine
+ Mine salt
Brine deposit

The production chain for producing Brine consists of a single Salt mine placed on a single Brine deposit. Replenishing a Brine deposit costs 3 Gold coins per ton of Brine, bringing the total maintenance cost to 32 Gold coins per minute.

Brine is only used by the Salt works to produce Salt.

Cost: Gold coins 1950 • Wood 17 • Tools 11 • Stone 13
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 55 + Maintenance cost 12
= Salt
Salt works
+ Brine
Salt mine
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut