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Building details
Cost Gold coins 700 · Wood 12 · Tools 5
Maintenance Maintenance cost 40 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 20)
Prerequisites Citizen 240 Citizens
Produces Ropes Ropes
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 4 x 3
Icon Ropes
Requires Hemp.
Produces Ropes.

The Ropeyard is an Occidental Production building that produces Ropes from Hemp. Ropes are used for buildings ships, and during the late-game can be used to create War machines. Their most important use during the early-game is for export, however. It is advisable to create and sell a surplus of Ropes until the Patrician tier is reached, at which point more profitable items become available.


Cost: Gold coins 900 + Gold coins 200 • Wood 17 • Tools 7
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 60
= Ropes
+ Hemp
Hemp plantation

A production chain for Ropes consists of one Ropeyard and one Hemp plantation with 4 Hemp fields. After including the cost of the 4 Hemp fields, the total cost of the production chain becomes 1100 Gold coins.

Ropes are used for Ship building and for creating War machines.

Cost: Gold coins 8900 + Gold coins 600 • Wood 57 • Tools 39 • Stone 20 • Glass 16
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 320
War machines
War machines
= War machines
2x War machines workshop
+ Wood
4x Lumberjack's hut
+ Ropes
3x Ropeyard
+ Hemp
3x Hemp plantation