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Redsmith's workshop
Redsmith's Workshop
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1800 · Wood 9 · Tools 7 · Stone 15 · Glass 10
Maintenance Maintenance cost 60 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 30)
Prerequisites Nobleman 3000 Noblemen &
Patricians 2850 Patricians
Produces Candlestick Candlestick
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Candlestick
Requires Brass and Candles.
Produces Candlesticks.

The Redsmith's workshop is an Occidental Production building that produces Candlesticks from Brass and Candles. Candlesticks are required to satisfy the Need for Property of Patricians and Noblemen. The need for Candlesticks develops when you reach 3,000 Noblemen and 2,850 Patricians. Unlike any other good, Candlesticks are wanted "retroactively" by a lower class (Patricians). The Candlemaker's workshop and Redsmith's workshop are both listed under the Patrician buildings, but the required Brass production is listed as Noblemen buildings.


Cost: Gold coins 17650 + Gold coins 4200 • Wood 137 • Tools 84 • Stone 164 • Glass 20
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 560 + Maintenance cost 8
= Candlestick
2x Redsmith's workshop
+ Candles
3x Candlemaker's workshop
+ Beeswax
6x Apiary
+ Hemp
3x Hemp plantation
+ Brass
2x Copper smelter @75%
+ Copper ore
2x Copper mine @75%
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut

The production chain for producing Candlesticks consists of 2 Redsmith's workshops supplied 3 Candles production chains and 50% of one Brass production chain. The Brass production chain can be difficult to manage, but in general 3 Copper smelters can supply 4 Production buildings.

The production of one Redsmith's workshop can support the following number of inhabitants.

Candlestick Consumption
People Houses
Patricians 80 2500 100
Nobleman 60 3333 83.3


  1. Data obtained from the game using ToolOne. Consumption rates are per 100 Inhabitants.
  2. The number of Inhabitants that can be satisfied with the output of one Production building.