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For the static sidequests given during the campaign, please see each chapter of the campaign guide.


Anno 1404 features hundreds and hundreds of quests that computer players, special AI, neutral powers, and even random people on your islands will ask the player to complete from time to time. These quests only occur when playing scenarios and continuous games. The main campaign has its own set of static quests, listed on each campaign chapter page.

Note that you can choose to accept or decline every quest. When first approached with the quest, simply click the red X if you don't wish to do the quest. Sometimes NPCs will ask you to do quests you know you cannot complete, such as delivering goods you don't have. Declining the quest is sometimes good to do in such cases.

Single quests[]

Many quests consist of performing just one task for someone. After you complete the task you get your reward and the quest is finished. There are nearly infinite permutations of these types of quests, but they are all based on certain types of quests, which are explained in the following sections.


Flotsam is defined as wreckage/floating debris of a ship or cargo.

In Anno 1404 flotsam plays an important part of the game, with both many campaign quests requiring the player to pick up flotsam and many optional quests in scenarios and continuous games requiring the player to pick up flotsam.



Salvaged crates from corsair ships[]

Although not actually quests, occasionally when destroying corsair ships, flotsam will appear that contains miscellaneous items. Each crate can be delivered to Lord Richard Northburgh or Grand Vizier al Zahir for 25 honor.[1] These items have no other purpose than to sell for honor.

Destroyed ship in a bottle
Empty rum barrel
Frivolous figurehead
Galley boy's ladle
Half a wheel
Horrific shark bite
Illegible message in a bottle You may be able to find a taker for this rubbish somewhere.

What terrible writing!

Illegible message in a bottle
Lazy mate's hammock
Picture of a belly dancer You may be able to find a taker for this rubbish somewhere.

Tatty piece of paper...

Picture of a belly dancer
Spindle with sailor's yearn
The captain's wooden leg
Wig full of lice

Salvaged crates from other computer ships[]

Although not actually quests, occasionally when destroying other computer player ships, flotsam will appear that contains miscellaneous items. Each crate can be delivered to Lord Richard Northburgh or Grand Vizier al Zahir for 30 honor. Non-corsair computer player crate descriptions state:

"Maybe someone somewhere will be interested in the possessions that once belonged to [name]"
Calibrated weighing scales A good Merchant always takes his own scales with him... Calibrated weighing scales
Dented holy water dispenser Who will be granted the final blessing!? Dented holy water dispenser
Parchment with blood stains Raving confessions and delusional accusations. Parchment with blood stains
Simple abacus Serves to check mental arithmetic...

German: (Abakus)

Simple abacus
Wooden cubit pole Essential for the sale of fine fabrics... Wooden cubit pole

Sink a fleeing ship[]

NPCs will occasionally ask you to sink a ship before it gets away. You simply have to destroy the ship then pick up the "proof" flotsam item and bring it back to the NPC to complete the quest.

In this category, the NPC's shown below provide you with the following quests:

  • Al Rashid - Too much work, Forbidden knowledge, Day of blood, Betrayal!
  • Al Zahir - Family ties, Ready to harvest, Family honour, Intriguers, Cock-and-bull story?, Overstrung bow, The stolen exchequer
  • Barnabás - The coward, The Arsenal II (extensive quest), A shared burden is half the burden, Missed opportunity?, Abduction of the women
  • Giacomo Garibaldi - Grounds for suspicion, Unquestioning obedience, Flow of information, Clear purpose, Reason for distrust, Fair game, Storm front, I see all, Not like that!, Urgent business II (extensive quest)
  • Hassan ben Sahid - The dishonourable Corsair, The secret base
  • Hekata - Race against time
  • Inhabitants (Beggar) - Last chance
  • Inhabitants (Envoy) - Unrivalled disgrace
  • Inhabitants (Nobleman) - Cheated [requires Repair crane]
  • Inhabitants (Patrician) - Famous henchman
  • Inhabitants (Peasant) - Bear cub [requires Bear cave], Abduction
  • Leif Jorgensen - High treason! II (extensive quest), The golden feather
  • Richard Northburgh - Good fortune diverted, Child abduction, Arms of Cultures III (extensive quest), Ghost ship, Burial at sea, Enough talk, Report, Bounteous Alms, Proof of the pudding, Firebug, A good Friend, Forgeries,Judgement of Solomon, Travelling death, Unusual sail, Theft of a relic, The curse

NOTE: Not all missions and quest providers are described here (yet). If anyone encounters such mission, please add them here.

Destroy a ship[]

Some NPCs, like the corsair leader, will ask you to destroy certain ships that appear on the map. There are two sorts of quests in this category. Note: it may occur that "proof" items can overlap within quests, i.e. a fleeing ship may contain not only the required item for its own quest, but also an item of a 'destroy a ship' quest if activated at the same time.

Destroy a single ship[]

Unlike sinking fleeing ships, these ships appear in one location and stay there until you destroy them or time runs out for the quest. There may just be one ship or several ships that are helping guard the one main quest ship. You have to destroy the main ship then pick up the "proof" flotsam item and bring it back to the NPC to complete the quest.

Destroy multiple ships[]

Some quests consist of handing over two or more "proof" items to the quest giver. These items are carried by multiple ships that appear randomly on the game map. Unlike fleeing ships, these targeted ships can attack player ships if possessing fire power. The quest is completed once the minimum required "proof" items are handed over, meaning that not all targeted ships need to be destroyed.

End the blockade[]

All NPCs who have harbors, like Lord Richard Northburgh, Grand Vizier Al Zahir, Giacomo Garibaldi and Hassan ben Sahid, will ask you to end a blockade at their harbor. If you accept the quest, suddenly several hostile ships will appear at their port that will attack any nearby ship. Destroy the ships to end the blockade.

Tip: These types of quests can be very annoying if you don't have nearby warships. For instance, if Northburgh asks you to accept a quest like this, upon acceptance, the hostile ships will most likely proceed to destroy any ships you have on trading routes to his port. So it's recommended to only accept these quests if you'll be able to quickly end the blockade without much damage to your trading ships.

Escort quests[]

Occasionally you'll be asked to safely escort a ship or group of ships out of the region. Click on the ships at the harbor to begin the escort. Certain enemy ships will appear during the escort and try to destroy the ships. Be sure to send enough ships to escort the quest ships. Once, the ship(s) has left the region safely, pick up the "proof" items and return them to the original quest giver.

In this category, the NPC's and inhabitants shown below provide you with the following quests:

  • Al Rashid - The Ally II (extensive quest), Honourable Quest
  • Al Zahir - Urge for action, Safety first, A present for the Sultan, Dicey cargo, The price of peace
  • Barnabás - Support
  • Benedicta - The new horizons, Holy cargo, In a trance
  • Brother Hilarius - The Nunnery I (extensive quest), Open to new things (2 ships in different directions), Precious wet, Special brew II (extensive quest)
  • Cuno von Rembold - Enlightenment, Tricky II (extensive quest)
  • Giacomo Garibaldi - Enough is enough, Celebration, Masked monster, A matter for the boss, Securities transport, Carnival V (extensive quest), Controlled protection, Oriental food II (extensive quest), Sale price, On a short leash, Jurisdiction, Damage control, Clear sailing, Privacy
  • Hassan ben Sahid - Escort for a trader (2 ships in different directions), Letter of marque in sight
  • Hekata - The fourth sister III (extensive quest)
  • Inhabitants (Beggar) - Busy Beggars
  • Inhabitants (Nomad) - Donation
  • Inhabitants (Patrician) - Last plank
  • Inhabitants (Peasant) - A good match
  • Izmir - Hazardous Goods transport, The Philosopher's stone V (extensive quest), Quintessence III (extensive quest)
  • Karim - Rival Traders, Escort
  • Leif Jorgensen - Leif's sister II (extensive quest), Protection for the beloved, Cultural exchange, Pastures new
  • Richard Northburgh - Quick getaway, High treason, Noble vanity (2 ships in different directions), Diplomatic protection, Clash of Cultures, Arms of Cultures V (extensive quest / 2 ships in different directions), Sentimental value, Faux pas, Lynch mob, Boycott, The Chronical VI (extensive quest), Orphan thieves, Third time lucky, Reports, Tribute (2 ships in different directions)

NOTE: Not all missions and quest providers are described here (yet). If anyone encounters such mission, please add them here.

Wanted person(s)[]

Sometimes NPCs will ask you to find and deliver certain people to them. These people are found walking in your cities. See Find the wanted person(s) quests for more details.

Delivery quests[]

Sometimes neutral powers will ask you to bring a certain amount of a combination of goods to them. To complete the quest, just make sure your warehouse on the neutral powers's island has the required goods before the time runs out.

Search or Map an Island[]

Load the required goods, and move your ship to the pinged location(s). Let it stay there a few minutes; if you interrupt it, you'll have to start over. You will know it's on task if a rotating telescope or treasure chest appears above the ship. You'll be notified when it's done, whether it found something or not.

If you are asked to search islands for a person or treasure, you will use up the required items for each search, until you find the object. Which is to say, you may find it in the first try - and not need any more of the goods. So if you are hard-pressed for the goods needed to search (i.e., messing up your production chains), do them one at a time, if time allows.

Somewhat often, you will be asked to map islands. This usually requires equal amounts of indigo and paper. If you have set up a Book chain, note that it produces indigo twice as fast as paper (if it's balanced) - and Northburgh sells paper. The wise captain might sock away some of Northburgh's paper for a rainy day, then when a mapping quest comes, take half of the paper needed from your reserves, and shut down your book factories until you have enough indigo. The paper mill(s) will have made the other half of the required paper in the meantime.

Random quests from your people[]

Occasionally, a building in your city will have an upside down arrow floating above it pointing down to the building. This means this building contains a person who has a quest for you. These quests vary but they usually require you to provide oriental goods to your occidental settlements and vice versa.

Tip: Also note that these quests will never automatically prompt you like the other NPCs will. You must manually see the building with the exclamation mark and click on it. Therefore, these quests are very easy to miss.

Anno 1404-quests randominhabitantquest

Random inhabitant quest.

Expeditions Maps[]

Expedition maps are sometimes given as rewards for quests completed or bought from Hassan ben Sahid. Although, they aren't quests themselves, they can act as unofficial quests, since they require certain goods to be loaded on a ship that sails away and comes back with a reward if successful. See Expedition maps.

Extensive quests[]

There are a certain number of special multi-part quests, that contain special text in the quest log to explain the purpose of the quest. These quests are usually made up of 3-5 sub-quests, designated by roman numbers after the quest name. Completing each character's complete set of extensive quests grants an achievement.

The Emperor[]

  • Thirst for knowledge
  • The imperial garden
  • The game board of power
  • Joined forces
  • Enemy in your own ranks
  • The Emperor's mercy
  • Imperial grandeur
  • Court intrigue

The Sultan[]

  • The big feast
  • Influenza with consequences
  • The false coat of arms
  • For posterity
  • The false chronicler
  • The planned coup d'etat
  • Al Hamra
  • Harmony
  • The Brother (no goods required on board) - Search for missing person - part of larger Quest
  • The false crest

Marie d'Artois[]

  • The Fleet
  • Journey into the past
  • The wise old woman
  • Marie of...

Sir Gavin Langton[]

  • The feast
  • The memoirs
  • The tournament
  • The braggadocio

Cardinal Lucius[]

  • The Hammer of Witches
  • The devil's work
  • The writing of history

Leif Jorgensen[]

  • A glimmer of hope
  • Furs furs furs
  • Leif Jorgensen's sister
  • High treason!

Willem van der Mark[]

  • A look into the stars
  • An important guest
  • The informant
  • A hot trail

Baronessa Constanza Zanchi[]

  • The great feast
  • The search for the fountain of youth
  • A blaze of glory
  • Roundabout routes

Giovanni di Mercante[]

  • Economic espionage
  • Raw nerves
  • Bribery attempt
  • Ethical boundaries

Helena Flores[]

  • A touch of luxury
  • Role reversal
  • The family treasure
  • Floating wishes

Guy Forcas[]

  • Hospitality
  • A matter of trust
  • Show your colors
  • Deceit

Hildegard von Lewenstein[]

  • The divine glow
  • Mission
  • The performance
  • Winter clothing


  • The fourth sister
  • The firework display

Brother Hilarius[]

  • Special brew
  • The nunnery


  • The expansion of the caravanserai
  • The disloyal assistant

Cuno von Rembold[]

  • Tricky
  • The devil is in the detail

Al Rashid[]

  • The ally
  • Path of the Warriors
  • Code and faith


  • Wounded
  • The arsenal


  • Phony magic
  • The miracle (note: after fraternization part III cannot be completed, as the targeted corsair ships are considered allies and thus unsinkable!)(Note: If you a have a sufficient number of Letters of Marque you can use them to sink the Corsair ships after Fraternization.)

Ibn al Hakim[]

  • The ghost ship
  • The sultan's ship

Venice quests[]

The Venice addon added over 300 new quests, both single and extensive, and it features two new types of quests: privateering and trading races. It also added the ability to ask NPCs for quests instead of just waiting randomly for an NPC to ask you.


  1. Prima Official Dawn of Discovery Guide, p. 137, incorrectly listed as 30 gems.