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Provision house
Provisions factory
Building details
Cost Gold coins 10000 · Wood 20 · Tools 20 · Stone 35 · Glass 25
Maintenance Maintenance cost 15 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 0)
Prerequisites Nobleman 950 Noblemen
Produces Provisions Provisions
Size 4 x 3
Icon Provisions
Requires different Goods.
Produces Provisions.
Supports damaged armies.

The Provision house is an Occidental Production building. Unlike most other Production buildings, however, the Provision house is only active when a size of Provisions is selected. Provisions are used to restore Hit points to military units. When Provisions are enabled for Military units, they will automatically be used if they are available on the island the unit is on. Provisions don't provide instant healing, but instead slowly restore health.


The Provisions house provides three options:

  • Small provisions package: Produce 5 tons of Provisions using 15 tons of Fish, Cider, and Linen garments.
  • Medium provisions package: Produce 10 tons of Provisions using 15 tons of Bread, Beer, and Leather jerkins.
  • Large provisions package: Produce 20 tons of Provisions using 10 tons each of Meat, Wine, and Fur coats.

All options take the same time to produce their Provisions (~22.6 seconds at normal game speed). This means the production speed for Large provisions is 4 times as fast as Small provisions, though this is generally not the main factor for deciding which size Provisions to produce.

The Provision House is unique in other ways:

  • It doesn't need a road connection.
  • It has no maintenance when not producing Provisions.
  • It provides 10 tons of storage space to the island. (Venice add-on only)


If you make a "Provision chain" on an isolated island, you can queue many Provisions packages, far past the goods that are currently available. They will be produced when the required goods are ready, without any fear of complicating your settlement's consumption needs. While you could opt for Medium or Large provision packages, it's probably too much work to weave an isolated Provision Island into your trade and production routes, given the complexity of the bigger packages. Small provision packages are the most straightforward.

  • The Fisherman's hut produces 2 tons/minute
  • The Cider hut produces 1.5 tons/minute
  • A Linen garment chain (2 hemp plantations and one Weaver's hut) produces 2 tons/minute

As a result, a Production chain consisting of one Provision house, supplied by 4 Cider farms and 3 Fisherman's huts, and 3 Linen garment production chains will provide 6 tons/minute for all three resources. This will let you make a new Small provisions package every 2.5 minutes, since 15 tons of each are needed.

For a simpler arrangement, just set up one each of fish, cider, and linen garments. This will make a a small (5) Provisions package every 7.5 minutes. Have a nearby trade-routed ship drop off a cider or 3 and pick up any provisions made, during its circuit. (Or, if the island lacks cider or hemp fertility, ship this in.) If your trade-circuit ship is only otherwise picking things up from some other production island, let it visit the provision island first, so that it is nearly empty (and faster) on these legs of its circuit.

Tournament Supplies[]

Tournaments are a great way to earn Honor once your economy is thriving, but they require 10 provisions and 30 weapons every 45 minutes for the best results (non-stop Spectacular tournaments).

If you make the simplest Provision Island (above; one Fish, one Linen Garment, and one Cider factory, with the Cider supplemented a little), you will be making 5 provisions every 7.5 minutes. In 45 minutes (the Arena cooldown time), a simple Provision Island will make 30 provisions (6 small Provision packages). Likewise, a single Weapons Factory (1 charcoal hut, 1 iron mine, 1 iron smelter, 1 weapon factory) will make 2 weapons/minute, or 90 weapons in 45 minutes. Together, one small Provision Island and one Weapon Factory can keep the Arenas at your 2 or 3 high-population islands holding non-stop Spectacular tournaments every 45 minutes.

If you want to step it up a bit, a balanced Provision Island with 4 Cider and 3 of Fish and Linen Garments makes three times as much (90 provisions every 45 minutes). Together with 3 weapons factories, you can hold 9 non-stop Spectacular tournaments - although the tournaments on your islands with no population will only earn one-third of the maximum honor.


Unlike any other goods, Provision houses require varying amounts of goods, and must be manually triggered. They can't quite be lumped into the usual Profitability chain set up. Instead of gold per minute, they can be considered in terms of profit per provisions package.

For these calculations, one should consider simply the maintenance costs for the relevant chains to produce the required goods, and compare that to the cost of selling the provisions. In other words, instead of a gold per minute basis, do it on a basis of maintenance cost per goods required. Calculations are as follows:

Package Total Cost Provisions Cost Each Profit Tons Each Good 1 Good 2 Good 3
Type M/T x Tons Type M/T x Tons Type M/T x Tons
Small 750 5 150.0 18.0 15 Fish 112.5 Cider 150.0 Linen Garments 487.5
Medium 1003 10 100.3 67.7 15 Bread 262.5 Beer 450.0 Leather Jerkins 290.6
Large 1980 20 99.0 69.0 10 Meat 510.0 Wine 916.7 Fur Coats 552.9
Total Cost is the sum of the three M/T x Tons values for each package size.
M/T x Tons (Maintenance per Ton times Tons Each) is the maintenance cost for producing one ton of the good (from the spreadsheet in the notes on goods profitability) times the number of tons needed in Tons Each.
Cost Each is the cost of making each provision in the package; it is Total Cost divided by Provisions.
Profit is 168 (the active sell cost for one provision) minus the Cost Each.

The Medium and Large provisions packages are about as profitable, ~68 gold per provision. The Small package is decidely less profitable, but still very much a money-maker.

If you wanted to, you could turn these into gold/minute profits, since we know it takes 22.6 seconds to produce provision packages. This would assume you have exactly the right production to keep a Provisions house going at 100% with queued build orders. Since it takes 22.6 seconds to make one package, you would be making 2.655 packages per minute (of whatever size you chose). Increasing how quickly you make packages proportionally increases the maintenance costs needed for the required goods. In short, multiplying the Profit value shown above by 2.655 (and subtracting 15 for Provision house maintenance) produces a profitability per minute value that fits right into the Goods Profitability table: 158 gold/minute for the Large package, 154 for Medium, and 30 for the Small package.

Of course, it is a bit more complicated to consider selling provisions as a profit maker, versus some of the other choices. And it would be a hassle to keep queuing the provision package button 27 times every ten minutes! Anyway... there it is.