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Printing house
Printing press
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1800 · Wood 5 · Tools 5 · Stone 12 · Glass 10
Maintenance Maintenance cost 50 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 25)
Prerequisites Patricians 940 Patricians
Produces Books Books
Production 3 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Books
Requires Paper and Indigo.
Produces Books.

The Printing house is an Occidental Production building that produces Books from Paper and Indigo. Books are required to satisfy the Need for Property of Patricians and Noblemen.


Cost: Gold coins 4150 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 20 · Tools 16 • Stone 24 • Glass 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 125
= Books
Printing house
+ Indigo
2x Indigo farm
+ Paper
Paper mill @50%
+ Wood
Lumberjack's hut

The production chain for producing Books consists of one Printing house, 2 Indigo farms, and 50% of a Paper production chain.

One Printing house can support the following number of inhabitants.

Books Consumption
People Houses
Patricians 160 1875 75
Nobleman 90 3333 83.3


Since Indigo can only be produced on southern islands, it can be useful to create the entire Book Production chain on a southern island with Indigo fertility and a river for the Paper mill. Additionally, the productivity of the Paper mill can be capped at 50% by only giving it access to one Lumberjack's hut. To do this, keep your Trade buildings outside of the Paper mill's Influence area.


  1. Data obtained from the game using ToolOne. Consumption rates are per 100 Inhabitants.
  2. The number of Inhabitants that can be satisfied with the output of one Production building.