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Arrow "Complete the Cathedral construction in an unequal contest and put a stop to Cardinal Lucius once and for all."

Pillars of Justice is the eight and final Chapter of the Campaign. It returns the player to the starting region. The player's original Island is in ruins, however, and the player is instead put in charge of a heavily-damaged Cathedral city. It does not introduce any new Characters, but instead brings back a few of the allies the player has met throughout their journey. It introduces the mechanics of Monument construction.

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter8


"Lucius was preparing to strike the final blow. The departure from the Emperor's sick bed could be delayed not a day longer. Would he recover from the treacherous poison that had so weakened his mind and body? Or was it already too late for any hope of recovery? These and other somber thoughts plagued Lord Northburgh and his followers as they sailed home in despair."

Lord Richard Northburgh is horrified to see that your Home island, Falconstone, has been destroyed and offers to accommodate you in his City. The sight of his destroyed City strengthens his resolve to stop Cardinal Lucius. Marie d'Artois is in despair and reports that she was unable to stand up to Cardinal Lucius. Half mad, Cardinal Lucius prophesies that he can order the Crusade by building his Imperial cathedral.

Construction contest Trophy[]

Objective: Finish the Imperial cathedral in Cathedral city before Cardinal Lucius.

Cardinal Lucius is determined to finish an Imperial cathedral ahead of you so that he can finally conduct his Crusade. Make sure the Imperial cathedral in Cathedral city is completed before Lucius beats you to it!

The return of the Noblemen Stars 3[]

Objective: Ensure that 200 Noblemen move into Cathedral city.

Lord Northburgh laments bitterly as he views the remains of what was once his so impressive Metropolis. To restore it to at least a pale reflection of its former glory, you should rebuild Cathedral city to a size which will encourage at least some of the Noblemen who previously lived here to return to the City...

Despite what the quest description says, this quest can easily be completed without placing a single additional Peasant house or even Marketplace. If we let all of the houses upgrade freely throughout the Chapter, we will end up with 63 Patrician houses and 25 Noble titles. This is more than enough to settle the 200 Noblemen required for this quest, as it only takes 8 Noblemen houses (at 26 Noblemen per house after ascending) to complete it. This quest can be completed at any point during the Chapter, even after the Cathedral has been constructed, so take your time.

Reward: Honor 20 Honour

Race against time I Stars 2[]

Objective: Complete the second Construction stage of your Imperial cathedral.

Only if you can complete your Imperial cathedral first can you hope to thwart Cardinal Lucius's plans. Lord Northburgh wants to assure the smooth running of the Construction work on the Cathedral construction site. Meanwhile, you must deliver the Building material required.

The Victory condition of this Chapter is divided into three stages, denoted by the "Race against time" quests. The total time we have before Lucius finishes his Cathedral is evenly distributed among those three stages. However, as soon as you finish a stage, Lucius also moves to the next stage. This was most likely done to make the Chapter more challenging, but also leads to the strange situation where completing each stage as quickly as possible puts us at a disadvantage for the final stage. This guide aims to minimise this disadvantage without adding long waiting periods

Reward: Honor 10 Honour

Supply problems Stars[]

Objective: Restore Building material Plant productivity in Cathedral city.

Cardinal Lucius has inflicted huge damage in Cathedral city and the Building material Plants have ground to a halt! The City cannot be rebuilt without supplies, and the Imperial cathedral cannot be completed.
Lord Northburgh needs your help to enable the Toolmakers, Lumberjacks and Stonemasons to start work again!

Though we've most likely already encountered Resource replenishment in previous Chapters, we're asked to do it one more time. Select the Ore mine and Stonemason's hut and Shift+Left-click the Regenerate Resource button to replenish all the Natural resources of that type on the Island. We can do the same for the Lumberjack's huts to automatically cultivate the required Trees for all Lumberjack's huts on the Island. We'll immediately build some additional Lumberjack's huts in the area as well. Finally, we can cultivate the Charcoal burner's hut to restart our Coal supply.

With these Building material Plants fully operational again, we can let our Population rebuild their houses without needing to deny them Ascension rights like the game suggests. This will also help us improve our Tax income, which starts off heavily in the negative. Lord Northburgh will also advise us to increase our Taxation to remedy this.

Reward: Honor 10 Honour

Tools required Stars 2[]

Objective: Ensure that 5 Toolmaker's workshops are operational.

Lord Northburgh wants you to build 5 operational Tool production Plants to help the Cathedral construction; use other Islands too if necessary.

Having access to enough Tools will be vital for keeping things running smoothly, so we'll immediately tackle this quest once it arrives.

The Production chains page tells us that we can build 2 Toolmaker's workshops per Ore mine. Inspecting the Natural resources bar for both of our settled Islands shows that we have 2 Ore deposits in Cathedral city and 3 Ore deposits in Carlingham (North of Cathedral city). This will easily be enough, so let's get to work. Cathedral city already has one fully-functional Tools production chain when we arrive, so we only need to add one more around the Ore deposit near the Harbour. We will then also add one full Tools production chain on Carlingham.

Reward: Honor 15 Honour

Fancy in Leather[]

After completing the Tools production chains in Carlingham, we can also immediately build two Stonemason's huts and one or two Lumberjack's huts. Having these Building material Plants on the Island will allow us set up Leather jerkins production on the Island without having to transport additional materials there. Setting up Leather jerkins production early will boost the Satisfaction (and the Tax income) of our Patricians, and we can sell the surplus Goods to Marie d'Artois for profit.

Cost: Gold coins 3450 + Gold coins 800 • Wood 32 • Tools 20 • Stone 27
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 105 + Maintenance cost 6
Leather jerkins
Leather jerkins
= Leather jerkins
+ Animal hides
2x Pig farm
+ Salt
Salt works @50%
+ Brine
Salt mine @50%
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut @50%

Make sure to add both Leather jerkins and Tools to the Beer route in the Routing menu. Taking a look at this route show an immediate issue, however. We're forcing our Trading ship to sail all the way around the Island each time! A Harbour master's office allows us to add additional Trade points to an Island. Let's build one on the northern Beach of Cathedral city to shorten the distance our Ships have to travel. We can also add a third Waypoint in Inglebeck to automatically sell the surplus from the Trading route. See the Trade page for more information about the logistics of offloading Goods from Trading routes.

Around this time in the Chapter, Lord Northburgh will suggest we check in with Marie d'Artois and the Grand vizier. Select their respective Warehouses to start a quest for each of them.

Lost at Sea Stars[]

Objective: Save the 3 Oriental castaways and take them to Al Zahir.

Al Zahir reports that some of his Ships capsized in mysterious circumstances. It could be that Cardinal Lucius is responsible for these incidents.
Find the Castaways North of Al Zahir's Island and take them to him.

As a reward for returning the Castaways to Al Zahir, he allows us to bring his Oriental construction workers to Cathedral city, where they will be invaluable to the progress of our Cathedral construction. Make sure to bring them to Cathedral city immediately, so we can resume construction of the Cathedral without any further delay.

Reward: Honor 10 Honour • Diligent navigators Oriental construction workers

A friendly favour Stars[]

Objective: Deliver the following Goods to Marie d'Artois in Inglebeck: Wood 30t Wood • Tools 15t Tools

In your absence, even Marie d'Artois's City was not spared by Cardinal Lucius. Reconstruction seems impossible at the moment, owing to the lack of Building material.

Select Inglebeck's Warehouse to start this Hidden quest. Marie wants to help supply Cathedral city, but she needs some Building materials to rebuild her city first. We should already have the required Building materials available to us, so we can immediately deliver them to her.

Reward: Honor 15 Honour

Further relief supplies Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following Goods to Marie d'Artois in Inglebeck: Fish 20t Fish • Linen garments 40t Linen garments

Marie d'Artois can start building some Buildings thanks to your help, but her Population is starving and freezing cold!

After completing Marie's previous quest, she will once again ask for your support. She's offering a powerful Item as reward for your support, however, so let's make sure she gets those Goods as soon as possible. We're currently underproducing Linen garments, so we'll want to add one or two additional Linen garments production chains to quickly acquire more. This is also a good time to add one or two Ropeyards, so we can build some new Ships soon.

The "Plumb line of perfection" she gives us reduces the Maintenance of the Cathedral by 50%, which we'll need if we want to continue having a positive Balance. Before she will accept the Goods, however, we first have to deal with a Spy issue.

The eyes of Lucius Stars 2[]

Objective: Find the 5 Spies in Marie d'Artois's City.

Marie d'Artois has learned that the Cardinal's Spies are making a nuisance of themselves in her Settlement. She therefore refuses to trade with you for the time being.
Help Marie d'Artois look for the Agent to find out why she is proceeding with such caution!

Reward: Honor 10 Honour

Once the Spies have been removed from Marie's city, she will accept the Goods we've brought for her and give us the Plumb line of our dreams.

Reward: Honor 10 Honour • Plumb line 1 Plumb line of perfection

Spies sighted Stars[]

Objective: Find the Spies in Cathedral city.

Sinister figures who could only have been sent by Cardinal Lucius have been sighted in Cathedral city.
Catch the Spies before it is too late and a terrible misfortune occurs...

Throughout the Chapter there will be a number of occasions where you're tasked with finding an increasing number of Spies near the Cathedral construction site. This is generally most easily done as soon as the quest appears, as the Spies generally appear in the open before scurrying off after a moment. We won't mention all of them, as they are all the same, but make sure to complete all of them or you won't get all the Campaign points.

Walls for eternity Stars[]

Objective: Provide 5 operational Stonemason's huts.

Lord Northburgh would like you to build five operational Stone quarries to help the Cathedral construction; use other Islands too if necessary.

When your Cathedral is 75% completed[unverified], Lord Northburgh tells you to prepare for the next phase of construction by building at least 5 Stonemason's huts. This is also a good reminder to pause the construction until we're ready to move on to the second stage of the Chapter. We have 2 Stone deposits available to us in Cathedral city, and 3 in Carlingham. With the two Stonemason's huts we placed in Carlingham earlier, we'll only have to place one more Stone quarry on each Island to complete the quest.

Reward: Honor 15 Honour

Using our time wisely[]

Because we're under a bit of time pressure to complete our Monument before Cardinal Lucius does, we want to make sure we spend our time efficiently. There's a few things we want to take care of. Most importantly, we want to make sure we have enough Gold coins available to us throughout the Chapter. There is two ways of approaching this. The first is to grow our Population, satisfy their Needs, and increase our Tax income as much as possible. The second option is to start exporting Goods for profit. Since we've been dealing with Tax income for 7 Chapters now, we'll explore this second option by setting up Weapons production on Stone quarry.

Cost: Gold coins 3250 • Wood 28 • Tools 14 • Stone 16
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 80 + Maintenance cost 4
= Weapons
Weapon smithy
+ Iron
Iron smelter
+ Iron ore
Ore mine
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut

The Natural deposits of Stone quarry have been deserted by the Stonemasons that once made it their home. All that empty space would make for a pretty perfect Production Island though. Let's load our Flagship full of Goods and settle Stone quarry to return it to its former glory. After settling the Island, construct one Weapons production chain for each of the two Ore deposits on the Island. This will even further reduce our Balance, but we can sell the Weapons we produce to Al Zahir to earn back the maintenance cost plus a profit margin. Weapons are a great export Good because they are non-consumable and well-liked by all Trading partners. Since the only Trading partner during this Chapter is Al Zahir, however, Bread will be just as good, if not better than Weapons. We'll fill up the remaining space on Stone quarry with Bread production chains. Next, we'll put up both the Weapons and the Bread for export in the Trading place of our Warehouse. Keep an eye on your Storage and make sure to actively sell the Goods to Al Zahir if it's about to reach its maximum. Upgrading the Warehouse will also help prevent this.

If you prefer to expand Cathedral city, the following shows some of the locations where the Marketplaces and Taverns were originally. We'll then also need at least 3 new Fisherman's huts and a number of additional Cider farms and Weaver's huts to supply our growing Population. Note that this makes the Chapter significantly harder to manage.

Tip: As you move on to the scenarios after you finish the campaign, you'll be on your own to monitor your people's needs and expand when necessary. Remember, a good ruler always checks in with all the classes of their people regularly, or so a fortune cookie once told me...

Race against time II Stars 2[]

Objective: Complete the third Construction stage of your Imperial cathedral.

Your efforts have narrowed Cardinal Lucius's head start, but your Imperial cathedral is a long way from being finished.
Do your utmost to continue helping Lord Northburgh. Cardinal Lucius must not be allowed to carry out his insane scheme, come what may!

Note: The Cathedral construction is automatically halted when the next stage begins. It's advised to hold off on resuming construction until after we've acquired the next Reduction Item from Al Zahir
Reward: Honor 20 Honour

The assault Stars 2[]

Objective: Al Zahir asks you for the following Goods: Bread 20t Bread • Linen garments 20t Linen garments

Once again, one of Al Zahir's Ships has been attacked. The passengers, skilled Master builders, have all been injured...
As Al Zahir only brought a small quantity of Goods with him from his homeland to his temporary outpost, he has turned to you for help.

Once we have delivered the Goods and the Oriental master builders have recovered from the attack, we can bring them back to Cathedral city to help with the next stage of construction. Once again, make sure to bring them to Cathedral city as soon as possible, as their support will be invaluable to the successful completion of this next stage.

Reward: Honor 20 Honour • Items people (16) Oriental master builders

Missing Stars[]

Objective: Find Marie d'Artois's missing Cargo and take it to Inglebeck.

The missing Ship was last sighted in the Northeast of the region. Marie d'Artois's vision gives you reason to believe that it has sunk; or was sunk…

Marie d'Artois has seen one of her Ships sink in one of her visions. She isn't very good at directions, however, and tells us to look for it in the Northeast of the region. Instead, we'll head to the waters behind Tuckingham, where the Ship was most likely sunk by Cardinal Lucius's men. After returning the Ship's Cargo to Inglebeck, we will receive the "Masterly Glassblower's pipe", which increases Glass production.

Reward: Honor 10 Honour • Pipe 1 Masterly Glassblower's pipe

The last contingent I Stars 3[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Marie d'Artois: Ropes 40t Ropes

Cardinal Lucius must be stopped and Marie d'Artois steadfastly believes that God has assigned her the task of defeating him.
But she cannot assemble a Fleet of Warships without your aid.

With the Ropeyards we built earlier, we should now have enough Ropes to swiftly complete this quest.

Reward: Gold coins 2000 Gold coins • Honor 20 Honour

The last contingent II Stars 3[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Marie d'Artois: Weapons 40t Weapons

Marie d'Artois is preparing for the battle against Cardinal Lucius. As her Island was totally destroyed, she cannot produce the Weapons she needs for her Warships.

This quest starts immediately after finishing the previous one. It should be fairly easy to complete if we placed the Weapons production chains on Stone quarry before.

Reward: Gold coins 2000 Gold coins • Honor 20 Honour

We need glass! Stars 3[]

Objective: Supply 5 operational Glass furnaces.

Lord Northburgh wants five fully functional Glass furnaces built to supply Cathedral construction site - if necessary, use other islands.

Cost: Gold coins 9500 • Wood 88 • Tools 49 • Stone 84
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 280 + Maintenance cost 8
= Glass
5x Glass smelter
+ Potash
3x Forest glassworks @83.3%
+ Quartz
2x Quartz quarry @93.8%

Once again, in preparation of the next stage of construction, Lord Northburgh asks us to build 5 Glass production chains. Multiplying the production chain by 2.5x shows that we'll need 2 Quartz quarries and 3 Forest glassworks that can run slightly below full productivity. Like discussed previously, it is easiest to build the entire Production chain on our southern Island and ship only the finished product to our main Island. Luckily, our Spice production Island has two conveniently placed Quartz deposits that we can use to start production.

While we're working on Pepperbrook, we might also realise that we're paying 45 maintenance for a Date plantation that is supporting 1/6th of the Inhabitants we could have. The Date plantation can support up to Nomads 450 Nomads, or 30 houses. Since we're already going to be delivering supplies to the Island anyway, it's worthwhile to add a few extra to expand our Settlement. The additional Tax income will offset the maintenance cost of the Date plantation, as well as a portion of the maintenance we're about to add with the Glass smelters. We'll also need to settle at least Nomads 295 Nomads to unlock the Indigo farm required to produce Books.

Note: Don't forget to add Glass to the Spice route.

Reward: Honor 15 Honour

Maximum productivity[]

The last stage of our Cathedral construction is going to be hectic, so we want to make sure to prepare as much as we can before starting it. Once again, we can halt the construction until we've completed these steps to buy ourselves some extra time. Lord Northburgh will have given us a quest to end the Chapter with at least 200 Noblemen somewhere at the start of the Chapter. We can check the Needs of our Patricians in the House menu to see what we're lacking. Assuming to set up Leather jerkins production on Carlingham at the start of the Chapter, we'll only be missing Books. We'll have to provide these before Noblemen will move in.

Cost: Gold coins 4150 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 20 · Tools 16 • Stone 24 • Glass 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 125
= Books
Printing house
+ Indigo
2x Indigo farm
+ Paper
Paper mill @50%
+ Wood
Lumberjack's hut

The Production chain for producing Books must be set up on an Island with Indigo fertility and a River for the Paper. Luckily, there's an Island in the region that fits exactly that description. Load the required Building materials, plus some extra for the Trade buildings, onto your Flagship and set off for the Island in the Southwest of the region. We'll also need a new Small trading ship to move the Books, as there's no Trading routes that sail close to this Island.

Note: It is usually sufficient to let the Paper mill run at 50% for a single Printing house. We'll need some additional paper for a later quest, however, so we should build two Lumberjack's huts to ensure an overproduction of Paper.

Race against time III Stars 3[]

Objective: Completion of the Imperial cathedral.

The topping out ceremony for the Cathedral construction site has taken place, but to really finish the Imperial cathedral we still need a large quantity of Glass for the splendid windows.

It's been all fun and games until now, but this is where things get serious. If Lucius finishes this final stage before we do, all will be lost. Once again, however, we should obtain and activate the Reduction Item before we resume construction, unless we really can't afford to wait any longer.

Important: With the Reduction Item active it takes 27 minutes to finish the final stage of the Cathedral. Make sure to start before this, or it will be impossible to beat Cardinal Lucius.[unverified:exact time with Reduction Item (-60%) and Ibn al Hakim supplied (-15%)]

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Protest from the very top Stars[]

Objective: Sail to Al Zahir's Warehouse.

The Grand vizier is angered that Cardinal Lucius is using the Scholars of the Academy for his dark machinations, for he would much prefer to see you allied with them!
But Al Zahir would not be Al Zahir if he didn't already have a plan...

Al Zahir finds out Lucius is forcing the Academy of Wisdom scholars to help him. Sail a ship to Al Zahir's warehouse to pick up a "Strange sealed Strongbox" item from him.

Reward: Honor 5 Honour • Treasure chest light blue 1 Strange sealed Strongbox

Messenger service Stars 3[]

Objective: Deliver the Strongbox to Abbad Jalamid, South of Al Zahir's Island.

Al Zahir's sealed Strongbox should help Ibn al Hakim and the Scholars of the Academy drive Cardinal Lucius from their Island. But Cardinal Lucius is guarding the Scholar's Harbour!
Will you still manage to make sure that the Strongbox is delivered to the correct recipient?

After sailing to the Scholar's Harbour and being chased away by Lucius, our old friend Karim offers the following quest, which will help us bypass Carinal Lucius's defenses.

Unexpected help Stars 3[]

Objective: Bring the following to Karim's Caravanserai: Paper 15t Paper • Gold coins 2000 Gold coins

The enterprising Karim has learned of your difficulties in delivering Al Zahir's Strongbox. He has now suggested a very clever way of breaking through Cardinal Lucius's Blockade.
Nothing comes for free in Karim's world though...

In exchange for the Paper and the Gold coins, Karim will give you "Cardinal Lucius's Flags", which you can use to disguise one of your Ships and trick Cardinal Lucius into letting you pass. Load Wood 20t of Wood and Tools 10t Tools onto your Ship as well before setting off for Pepperbrook.

Reward: Honor 10 Honour • Flag red Cardinal Lucius's Flags

Once we have the Flags on board, we can sail back to Abbad Jalamid and disguise ourselves to deliver the mysteriously glowing Strongbox without anyone being suspicious. The magic of the Strongbox will allow Ibn al Hakim to escape Cardinal Lucius's control. Without the support of the Scholars, Cardinal Lucius's Cathedral construction will take an additional 20 minutes. Meanwhile, he is more than willing to offer his support to our Cathedral construction once we build a Road connection to the Academy of Wisdom and supply him with Dates and Milk. We'll want to do this as soon as possible, as his support will greatly help us. Ibn al Hakim will also give us "The Tome on Architecture" Item, which will once again greatly reduce the Construction cost and time of the Imperial cathedral. Deliver it to Cathedral city as soon as possible so we can resume construction.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 academy supplied

A supplied Academy.

Note: After freeing Ibn al Hakim, he will follow the same mechanics as when connecting to him in Continuous games. He has a chance of discovering rare Items in exchange for a constant supply of Dates and Milk. More importantly, however, he also speeds up Ship, Military unit, and Monument construction. These two mechanics make him one of the most powerful and versatile Neutral powers in the game. It is almost always worth it to seek him out and connect to the Academy of Wisdom during Continuous games.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Against the Black Death Stars 3[]

Objective: Take the following to Karim's Caravanserai to receive the Essence of Life: Iron ore 10t Iron ore

Karim's offer is truly Heaven-sent! Who would have thought that the shrewd Caravan driver would coax the remainder of the highly effective remedy from the witches?
But, as always, there is also a little salesmanship behind his willingness to help...

As soon as we restart the Cathedral construction, our Population will fall deathly ill with a disease similar to the one afflicting the Emperor. Cardinal Lucius is behind it all, and his madness knows no bounds. Luckily we've acquired some powerful allies throughout our journey, and Karim is willing to sell us another Phial of the Essence of Life in exchange for some Iron ore. We might have some in Stone quarry, or otherwise we can halt the Iron smelters there to quickly produce 10 tons.

Once we have the Iron ore, exchange it for the Essence of Life in Pepperbrook and then sail back to Cathedral city to save our dying Population.

Reward: Honor 20 Honour • Jug purple 1 Essence of Life

The end of the Cardinal Trophy[]

Objective: Defeat Cardinal Lucius.

Enraged at his loss, Cardinal Lucius takes up arms. Defeat the Cardinal!

On the Emperor's orders Stars 2[]

Objective: Destroy Cardinal Lucius's Fleet.

Now that the Emperor has arrived, the time has come for Cardinal Lucius's imminent destruction.

The Emperor has arrived and asks you to destroy all 13 of Lucius's ships. About 8 of his ships will sail directly for you. The others will go after Marie's ships and start the next sidequest. (Lucius will also send ships to Al Zahir's harbor next, so keep some ships behind to defend Al Zahir.) You will get Marie's and Emperor's warships under your command in sufficient numbers for this task, but you may also build 2 or 3 Small warships yourself just to help out in the battle.

Reward: Honor 20 Honour

Protection Stars 3[]

Objective: Protect at least 1 of Marie d'Artois's Ships in Inglebeck against Cardinal Lucius's attacks.

Marie's attempts to stop Cardinal Lucius have long been a thorn in his side. He has now launched an attack on her Ships.

We've destroyed a large portion of Lucius's fleet now, but there's still some unaccounted for. Check the map to see where they are headed and intercept them!

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

WarningSign Vengeance Stars 3[]

Objective: Protect at least 1 of Al Zahir's Ships in Al Alin against Cardinal Lucius's attacks.

Mad with rage, Cardinal Lucius has sworn bitter vengeance against his enemy Al Zahir.
The Grand vizier is lost without your help!

Don't let yourself be caught off-guard! It's a long trip to Al Zahir's Island, and the Caravels don't have much health. If you wait until Al Zahir gives the quest before sending your Ships, you will most likely be too late to do anything. If you want to be prepared, you can send part of your fleet to Al Zahir's Warehouse immediately after destroying Lucius's first head-on attack to arrive before Cardinal Lucius does.

Tardy justice Stars[]

Objective: Find Cardinal Lucius and deliver him to the Emperor on his Flagship.

You did it! The Cardinal's War fleet has been destroyed, but Lucius himself is still at large. His Flagship was allegedly sunk on the Reef to the South of his Harbour.
The Emperor wants him to be handed over immediately!

According to the Emperor's sources, Cardinal Lucius jumped overboard as they departed Tuckingham in order to avoid being captured. Having interacted with the Cardinal for some time now, however, that seems highly unlikely. Be prepared for the worst as you approach Tuckingham to investigate.

Take your fleet and sail to the reef the Cardinal is hiding out at. After destroying his final Ships, he will ultimately go down with the Ship and end up as Flotsam around the wreckage. Pick up the defeated Cardinal and bring him to the Emperor's Warship in the Harbour of Cathedral city. And with that, you have successfully completed the campaign. Congratulations!

Reward: Honor 50 Honour

Ending in-game cutscene[]

Cardinal Lucius protests his innocence as he is led away by the Emperor's Knights. The Emperor thanks you and Lord Northburgh for your heroic exploits and grants you the title "Saviour of the Realm." Lord Richard Northburgh explains that it was only your intervention that halted the Crusade between the Orient and the Occident. Marie d'Artois is also relieved to confess that only your actions prevented her from being drawn into a War against the Orient! Grand Vizier Al Zahir is confident that events have drawn your two Peoples closer together and suddenly announces the Sultan's arrival. The Sultan thanks you for having saved his realm from War and aspires to forge even closer diplomatic relations with the Occident.


This level have different population requirements than all other levels. For example, in this level you only need 830 Patricians to unlock Debtor's Prison and upgrade to Nobleman instead of 1190. This means you only need 72 Houses to get Nobleman which is doable if you manage your resources and money very carefully.

There is a Small trading ship in the far Northwest corner of the map, which will be sent to blow up your Fisherman's huts if you fail to catch some of the Spies in time. Destroying it will automatically trigger the explosion, destroying your Fisherman's huts and starting the quest to rebuild them. This allows the player to get 15 additional Honour and 20 additional Campaign points, though this is not really useful for anything.

Quest, Attack on the Coast 1

Location of the quest's 'trigger'.

Picture gallery[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 thecultivateoption

Cultivate button.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 rearranged north island

Rearranged buildings.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northisland newwoodsources

New wood sources.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northernisland toolsstoneroute

Tools & stone added.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 evenmorewoodsupply

Even more lumberjacks!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 spies sighted first time

Spies sighted!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 marie spies to find

Spies at Marie's city.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 newwoodandfishsupply

New fish & wood.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 northwest shipwreck cargo

Floating cargo in NW.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 expanded hemp

Expanded hemp production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 expanded spices

Expanded spice production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 theplague andmassivegoldloss

The plague!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 tradingsurplusgoodsforgold

Selling surplus goods.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 final homeproduction breadlinenscider

Final expanded production.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finally200noblemen

200 Noblemen, at last.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 final cathedral

The completed cathedral!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-01

Lucius loses the race.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-02

The Emperor arrives.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-03

Emperor: Defeat Lucius!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-04

Lucius loses it.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-05

Marie gives her aid.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter8 finalevents-06

A huge battle ensues.