Pig Farm
Building details
Cost 400 Gold coins.png
4 Wood.png 3 Tools.png 3 Stone.png
Maintenance 15 Maintenance cost.png (10 Maintenance cost.png inactive)
Prerequisite Grassland
690 Patricians.png (Patricians)
Size 3 x 3
Field 4
Field size 4 x 4
Hit Points 1000
Produces Animal hides.png (Animal Hides)
Production Speed 2 tons / minute
Icon text-bottm

This farm requires grassland, so it can be built on any northern island. It produces animal hides, which are used by the tannery to produce leather jerkins, a clothing need for patricians and noblemen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Pig farm field.png
Pig farm.png
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