Patrician house
Patrician house.png
Building details
Cost 4 Wood · 2 Tools · 4 Stone
Maintenance 0 Maintenance cost
Prerequisite 355 Euphoric citizensCitizen
Size 3 x 3
Hit Points 1000
Houses 25 Patricians Patricians
Icon Patrician house icon

The patrician house is an occidental residence building that houses patricians.


Patrician houses cannot be built directly but instead can only be upgraded from citizen houses. The total cost for a patrician house is three wood, one tool, and four stones which includes the price of of preceding citizen house. Typically you would only be paying one wood, one tool, and four stones for the actual upgrade from a citizen house to a Patrician house. Patrician houses can be upgraded to nobleman houses for one wood, one tool, three stones, and four glass once there is a population of 1190 euphoric patricians in your settlement.

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