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Paper mill
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1500 · Wood 5 · Tools 5 · Stone 12
Maintenance Maintenance cost 50 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 25)
Prerequisites Patricians 940 Patricians
Produces Paper Paper
Production 3 tons / minute
Size 4 x 3
Icon Paper
Must be built on a River.
Requires Wood.
Produces Paper.

The Paper mill is an Oriental Production building that produces Paper from Wood when built on a River. Paper is used to produce Books.


Cost: Gold coins 1600 • Wood 5 • Tools 9 • Stone 12
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 60
= Paper
Paper mill
+ Wood
2x Lumberjack's hut

The production chain for producing Paper consists of one Paper mill being supplied by two Lumberjack's huts.

Paper is only used by the Printing house to produce Books.

Cost: Gold coins 4150 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 20 · Tools 16 • Stone 24 • Glass 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 125
= Books
Printing house
+ Indigo
2x Indigo farm
+ Paper
Paper mill @50%
+ Wood
Lumberjack's hut


To avoid starving your Paper production of Wood when building (or more commonly while letting houses ascend), it might be wise to let the Paper mill retrieve Wood directly from two Lumberjack's huts, without a Market place in between. The Paper mill will automatically retrieve Wood from any Lumberjack's huts within its Influence area.