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Must be built in the Influence area of a Bazaar.
Inhabitants provide you with Tax income.

Houses are Residence buildings that allow you to house Inhabitants and grow your Settlements. Oriental houses can only be placed within the Construction area of a Bazaar, and will only house Oriental Inhabitants. See Occidental housing for information about housing Occidental Inhabitants.

Oriental housing consists of just 2 tiers: Nomad houses and Envoy houses. Once the ascension requirements are met, Nomad houses will automatically use the required Building materials to upgrade if they are available on that island. Alternatively, Ascension rights can be denied through the Bazaar.

Nomad house[]

Nomad house
Nomad house
Building details
Cost Wood 1 • Tools 1
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 1 50 Prestige
Bazaar icon Bazaar
Houses Nomads 15 Nomads
Size 3 x 3
Icon Nomad house icon
You must build a Bazaar before you can settle Nomads.

The Nomad house is the first tier of Oriental housing, and creates a residence for up to 15 Nomads. Nomads are portrayed as wandering people of the desert who are still getting used to settling down. Over time they do develop more sophisticated Needs for Faith and Property, however. This is the only tier of Oriental housing that is available in the Build menu.

Nomad house variants[]

Envoy house[]

Envoy house
Envoy house
Building details
Upgrade Cost Wood 1 • Tools 1 • Mosaic 4
Prerequisites Nomads 440 Nomads
Houses Envoys 25 Envoys
Icon Envoy house icon
Every 90 Envoys grant 1 additional Trade privilege for each Settlement.

Once a Settlement has reached a population of at least 440 Nomads, Envoy licenses are unlocked. Envoy licenses allow Nomad houses to ascend to Envoys. An Envoy house can house up to 25 Envoys. Envoys represent sophisticated diplomats and traders, with the same arrogant attitude as Noblemen.

Envoy house variants[]

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