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Nomad buildings[]

Nomads.png Name Description Construction cost Maintenance cost Size Produces
Nomad house icon.png Nomad house Basic home of the southern people. Each can hold 15 nomads.

You need only ten houses (yielding 10x15=150 nomads) to unlock spice plantations which are needed to feed your citizens in the Occident.

Wood.png 1 Tools.png 1 3x3
Bazaar icon.png Bazaar All Oriental Houses need to be built in the area of influence of the bazaar Gold coins.png 400 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 3 30 Maintenance cost.png 6x5
Oriental market building icon.png Oriental market building Building to gather goods. Compared to occidental market it has more carts (3 or sometimes even 4 compared to one from the occidental market) but can't be upgraded to higher levels. It's a smart idea to use these even on northern islands for busier areas of your economy before you can afford upgrading to occidental markets. This will allow for much smoother pick-up of goods. Gold coins.png 700 Wood.png 8 Tools.png 5 25 Maintenance cost.png 4x4
Small noria icon.png Small noria This building turns the desert ground green in its influence zone, allowing products to be grown in the desert. It eventually runs out of water but can be replenished.

The volume of water for all noria's can be increased with the attainment The Nomad's Secret, increases the small noria up to 2000 tons of water.

Gold coins.png 1000 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 3 30 Maintenance cost.png 3x3
Dates.png Date plantation Basic Oriental food. Each plantation feeds 450 Nomads or 600 Envoys. Dates are very expensive, so don’t build more than is needed. Gold coins.png 200 Wood.png 3 Tools.png 2 45 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x3 Dates

Visitor from the Orient
(50 prestige) + 145 nomads

Milk.png Goat farm Nomads will move into the city even if this need is not satisfied, only a bit slower, and also will pay lower taxes. Therefore a goat farm is not worth building when the oriental city is still a small one.

Later one goat farm can feed 450 Nomads or 600 Envoys.

To boost taxes, it's good to build a goat farm for at least half of your population.

Gold coins.png 200 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 1 20 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 3 of 4x4
Spices.png Spice farm One spice farm can feed 500 Citizens, 909 Patricians or 1250 Noblemen. Gold coins.png 500 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 2 30 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 4 of 4x3
Oriental warehouse icon.png Oriental warehouse This is a type of Warehouse that's built on the shore by an oriental ship. DO NOT BUILD IT. Always use Occidental ships to place an Occidental Warehouse on your southern islands, because Oriental Warehouses cannot be upgraded to higher levels increasing storage. See Storage building comparisons Gold coins.png 400 Wood.png 3 Tools.png 5 20 Maintenance cost.png 5x4

Guest of the Bedouins
(100 prestige) + 295 nomads

Silk.png Silk plantation Used by the Carpet Workshop to produce Carpets. Carpets are needed for the Nomads when their population reaches 295 people. Requires Silk fertility on the island. Gold coins.png 350 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 2 25 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x3 Silk
Indigo.png Indigo farm Used for producing Books and Carpets. Requires Indigo fertility on the island. Gold coins.png 400 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 2 20 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x3 Indigo
Carpet.png Carpet workshop Uses goods from 1Silk Plantation and 1 Indigo Farm to produce Carpets for Nomads. One loop can satisfy needs of 900 Nomads or 1500 Envoys but build extra loops and sell the product. Carpets sell for a high price and are very popular with all NPC ships. Gold coins.png 400 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 3 60 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Carpet
Palm icon.png Palm Decoration. Achievements in the game require a player to build every single decoration in the game, Palm is one of them. Useless otherwise. Gold coins.png 150 Wood.png 1 1x1

The Sheik's Ally
(250 prestige) + 440 nomads

Clay.png Clay pit Used for only one purpose, producing Mosaic which is your advanced building material of Orient (basically Orient's Glass). Requires Clay "fertility" on the island it's build on. Gold coins.png 800 Wood.png 7 Tools.png 4 15 Maintenance cost.png 4x4 Clay
Quartz.png Quartz quarry Used for production of Glass and Mosaic which are advanced building materials used for construction of high-level Occidental and Oriental buildings (Churches and Mosques for example). Quartz is also used in the production of glasses, a noblemen resource. Gold coins.png 1000 Wood.png 10 Tools.png 6 20 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Quartz
Mosaic.png Mosaic workshop Uses materials from one Quartz Quarry and two Clay Pits. Gold coins.png 1000 Wood.png 15 Tools.png 8 30 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Mosaic
Oriental shipyard icon.png Oriental shipyard The oriental version of your shipyards. Allows the player to build Caravels, Large Oriental Trading Vessels and Large Oriental Warships. Gold coins.png 3000 Wood.png 20 Tools.png 30 Mosaic.png 30 20 Maintenance cost.png 5x4 Oriental ships.
Mosque.png Mosque Oriental version of Church which satisfies the need for faith. Requires Mosaic to be built. Gold coins.png 3500 Wood.png 15 Tools.png 10 Mosaic.png 20 40 Maintenance cost.png 6x6

Envoy buildings[]

Envoys.png Name Description Construction cost Maintenance cost Size Produces

The Caliph's Favorite
(500 prestige) + 1 Envoy

Coffee beans.png Coffee plantation Used by a Roasting House to create Coffee. Coffee is a drink need for Envoys. Two Coffee Plantations can support one Roasting House. Gold coins.png 500 Wood.png 2 Tools.png 4 Mosaic.png 6 20 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x3 Coffee beans
Coffee.png Roasting house Needs 2 Coffee Plantations to operate 100%. Gold coins.png 1100 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 10 Mosaic.png 15 45 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Coffee

The Caliph's Favorite
(500 prestige) + 1040 Envoys

Large noria icon.png Large noria Makes desert land green, so that it's suitable for farms. One Large Noria is cheaper to maintain and covers more ground than two Small Norias. Gold coins.png 2500 Tools.png 8 Mosaic.png 30 40 Maintenance cost.png 6x4
Pearls.png Pearl fisher's hut Requires a Reef (the red/blue item along the coast) and must be built on the coast. Produces Pearls, which are only used by Pearl Workshops to create Pearl Necklaces, a property need for Envoys. One Pearl fisher can supply one Pearl Workshop. Gold coins.png 1200 Wood.png 14 Tools.png 7 Mosaic.png 11 40 Maintenance cost.png 4x3 Pearls
Pearl necklaces.png Pearl workshop Uses pearls to create pearl necklaces, for the Envoys. One Pearl Fisher can supply one Pearl Workshop Gold coins.png 1800 Wood.png 8 Tools.png 8 Mosaic.png 16 70 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Pearl necklaces
Oriental square icon.png Oriental square Has the same effect as the occidental brick road, which means that market carts move faster over it. Gold coins.png 200 Mosaic.png 1
Oriental statue icon.png Oriental statue For decoration only. Gold coins.png 5000 Tools.png 5 Mosaic.png 10 5 Maintenance cost.png 2x2

The Grand Vizier's Advisor - (1000 prestige) + 1400 Envoys[]

Oriental fort.png Oriental fort Gold coins.png 4500 Wood.png 20 Tools.png 20 Mosaic.png 15 Weapons.png 15 Military budget.png 10 50 Maintenance cost.png 7x6
Oriental fountain icon.png Oriental fountain Gold coins.png 800 Mosaic.png 2 5 Maintenance cost.png 2x2

The Grand Vizier's Advisor - (1000 prestige) + 2600 Envoys[]

Rose oil.png Rose nursery Requires adequate fertility. Produces rose oil, which is used by a Perfumery to produce Perfume, a need for Envoys. Three nurseries provide enough supply for one Perfumery.  Gold coins.png 900 Wood.png 10 Tools.png 5 Mosaic.png 12 30 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 6 of 4x3 Rose Oil
Perfume.png Perfumery Produces Perfume, a property need for Envoys. Needs 3 Rose Nurseries to operate at 100% Gold coins.png 2500 Wood.png 12 Tools.png 9 Mosaic.png 24 60 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Perfume
Bathhouse icon.png Bath house Must be built near Oriental houses. Satisfies an entertainment need for Envoys that live nearby, like the Occidental Tavern building. Gold coins.png 6000 Wood.png 40 Tools.png 17 Stone.png 30 Mosaic.png 25 50 Maintenance cost.png 5x4

The Sultan's Confidante - (2000 prestige) + 1740 Envoys[]

Sultans mosque.png Sultan's mosque foundation Gold coins.png 50000 Wood.png 40 Tools.png 80 Mosaic.png 100 300 Maintenance cost.png 15x10

The Sultan's Confidante - (2000 prestige) + 4360 Envoys[]

Sugar cane.png Sugar cane plantation Creates Sugar Canes, which are used by Sugar Mills to create Sugar. Gold coins.png 800 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 3 Mosaic.png 9 35 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x3 Sugar Cane
Almonds.png Almond plantation Creates Almonds, which are used by Confectioner's Workshops to create Marzipan Gold coins.png 500 Wood.png 4 Tools.png 6 Mosaic.png 10 15 Maintenance cost.png building: 3x3, fields: 5 of 4x4 Almond
Sugar.png Sugar mill Must be built on a river. Creates Sugar from Sugar Canes. Sugar is used by a Confectioner's Workshop to create Marzipan Gold coins.png 800 Wood.png 7 Tools.png 6 Mosaic.png 10 40 Maintenance cost.png 4x3, built on river site Sugar
Marzipan.png Confectioner's workshop Creates Marzipan from Sugar and Almond. Marzipan satifies a need for food for Envoys Gold coins.png 1500 Wood.png 5 Tools.png 12 Mosaic.png 24 100 Maintenance cost.png 3x3 Marzipan

Comparison of storage buildings[]

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  • Some of data has been taken from the Anno 1404 production calculator which appears to be quite accurate.[1]