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Ore mine
Ore mine
Building details
Cost Gold coins 900 · Wood 12 · Tools 2 · Stone 2
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 10)
Prerequisites Citizen 240 Citizens
Produces Iron ore Iron ore
Production 2 tons / minute
Icon Iron ore
Must be built on an Iron ore deposit.
Produces Iron ore.

The Ore mine is an Occidental Production building that produces Iron ore when placed on an Iron ore deposit. The Iron ore deposit will slowly deplete as the Ore mine produces Iron ore, but can be replenished when it runs low. The maximum capacity of an Iron ore deposit is 2500 tons of Iron ore.


Cost: Gold coins 900 • Wood 12 • Tools 2 • Stone 2
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 24 + Maintenance cost 4
Iron ore
Iron ore
= Iron ore
Ore mine
+ Mine iron
Iron ore deposit

The production chain for Iron ore includes a single Ore mine placed on top of an Iron ore deposit. The cost of replenishing the Iron ore deposit is 2 Gold coins per ton, bringing the total maintenance cost to 24 Gold coins.

Iron ore is only used by the Iron smelter to produce Iron.

Cost: Gold coins 1750 • Wood 25 • Tools 9 • Stone 6
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 50 + Maintenance cost 4
= Iron
Iron smelter
+ Iron ore
Ore mine
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut