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Must be built in the Influence area of a Marketplace.
Inhabitants provide you with Tax income.

Houses are Residence buildings that allow you to house Inhabitants and grow your Settlements. Occidental houses can only be placed within the Construction area created by a Marketplace, and will only house Occidental Inhabitants. See Oriental housing for information about housing Oriental Inhabitants.

There are 4 tiers of Occidental housing, one for each Occidental Civilisation level: Peasant houses, Citizens house, Patrician houses, and Noblemen houses. Houses will automatically use the required Building materials to upgrade if they are available on that island. Alternatively, Ascension rights can be denied through the Marketplace, at which point houses need to be manually upgraded. After each upgrade, the existing inhabitants automatically ascend to the next Civilisation level, and additional housing spaces become available.

Peasant house[]

Peasant house
Peasant house
Building details
Cost Wood 2
Prerequisites Marketplace icon 1 Marketplace
Houses Peasant 8 Peasants
Size 3 x 3
Icon Peasant house icon
You must build a Marketplace before you can settle Peasants.

The Peasant house is the first tier of Occidental housing, providing housing for up to 8 Peasants. It is unlocked once you've constructed a Marketplace on an island. Peasants are the lowest of the four Occidental classes (excluding Beggars), representing the common folk of society, wanting only the simple necessities of life. The Peasant house is the only tier of Occidental housing that is available in the Build menu.

Peasant house variants[]

Citizen house[]

Citizen house
Citizen house
Building details
Upgrade Cost Wood 1 • Tools 1
Prerequisites Peasant 90 Peasants
Houses Citizen 15 Citizens
Icon Citizen house icon
Left-click to grant your Inhabitants the right to advance to the next Civilisation level.

Once a Settlement has reached a population of at least 90 Peasants, Citizenships will become available. For each ascension from Peasant to Citizen, one Citizenship is used. Additional Citizenships are acquired by housing Beggars. Every 40 Begging rights grants 1 additional Citizenship. Citizen houses can house up to 15 Citizens. Citizens represent the "middle class" of society, being slightly more refined than Peasants, but still easily satisfied with common goods.

Citizen house variants[]

Patrician house[]

Patrician house
Patrician house
Building details
Upgrade Cost 1 Wood • 1 Tools • 4 Stone
Prerequisites Citizen 355 Citizens
Houses Patricians 25 Patricians
Icon Patrician house icon
Every 90 Envoys grant 1 additional Trade privilege for each Settlement.

Once a Settlement has reached a population of at least 355 Citizens, Trade privileges will become available. Trade privileges are required to upgrade from Citizens to Patricians. Additional Trade privileges can be acquired by settling Envoys in the Orient. A Patrician house can house up to 25 Patricians. Patricians are the third Occidental Civilisation level, representing the successful business class, the entrepreneurs and financiers of society. Accordingly, they desire much more refined and exotic goods and services.

Patrician house variants[]

Noblemen house[]

Nobleman house
Nobleman house
Building details
Upgrade Cost Wood 1 • Tools 1 • Stone 3 • Glass 3
Prerequisites Patricians 1190 Ptricians
Houses Nobleman 40 Noblemen
Icon Nobleman house icon
Nobleman is the highest level one can reach.

Once a Settlement has reached a population of at least 1090 Patricians, Noble titles become available. Noble titles are required to upgrade from Patricians to Noblemen. A Noblemen house can house up to 40 Noblemen. Noblemen are the fourth and final Occidental Civilisation level, representing the most sophisticated and rich upper-class of society. Due to their affluence, they desire the most exquisite and exotic goods and services of all Inhabitants, and tend to be quite snobbish about it.

Nobleman house variants[]

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