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Build a Road connection between the Neutral powers and your Settlement to take advantage of their positive features.

The world of Anno1404 is inhabited by many different Characters, many of which are first introduced to the player during the Campaign. This page describes the Neutral powers as they are interacted with during a Continuous game. For information about their involvement in the Campaign, see the individual Character pages. Neutral powers can be found spread around the map on different Islands. They will reside in their own building, which must be connected to your Settlement via a Road connection before they can be accessed. Neutral powers can only be allied to one player at a time. Being allied to a Neutral power allows the player to make use of the Neutral power's specialties, usually in exchange for Goods or Gold coins. Neutral powers will also occasionally offer basic and extensive quests, the latter of which must be completed to attain certain Diplomacy achievements.

Military budget Neutral power Location Specialty
Occidental powers
Barnabas icon Barnabas Robber baron castle Provides Robber baron camps in exchange for Gold coins and Beer.
Benedicta icon Benedicta Place of pilgrimage Occasionally provides Honour. Requires a constant supply of Bread.
Brother Hilarius icon Brother Hilarius Mountain monastery Trades Tools, Stone, Beer, and Wine in exchange for Gold coins.
Cuno von Rembold icon Cuno von Rembold Excavation site Conducts excavations to find Items in exchange for varying Goods.
Hekata icon Hekata Old tree Provides protection from Sickness and Plague in exchange for Herbs.
Oriental powers
Al Rashid icon Al Rashid Assassins' fortress Provides Assassins' camps in exchange for Gold coins, Carpets and Hemp.
Karim icon Karim Caravanserai Trades Tools, Mosaic, Indigo and Coffee in exchange for Gold coins.
Izmir icon Izmir Alchemist's tower Conducts Experiments to discover Items in exchange for varying Goods.
Ibn al Hakim icon Ibn al Hakim Academy of Wisdom Speeds up the building of Monuments, Ships and Armies in your Settlements.
Occasionally creates Items. Requires a constant supply of Dates and Milk.