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Monastery garden
Monastery garden
Building details
Cost Gold coins 200 · Wood 5 · Tools 2 · Stone 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 10 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 0)
Prerequisites Patricians 510 Patricians
Fields Field icon 8 Herb fields (3 x 2)
Field cost Gold coins 50 per field
Produces Herbs Herbs
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Herbs
Herb fields require adequate Fertility.
Produces Herbs.

The Monastery garden is an Occidental Farm building that produces Herbs, which are used to produce Beer. Herbs are also used to supply Hekata and her Sister in the Old tree. The Monastery garden is the only building with fields of size (3 x 2), and requires the most amount of fields out of any Farm building, requiring 8 fields to reach full productivity. Herb fields will only produce Herb on islands with the requisite Fertility, which only appears on northern islands. Herb seeds can be purchased from Lord Richard Northburgh and planted on any northern island that has a customizable resource.


Cost: Gold coins 200 + Gold coins 400 • Wood 5 • Tools 2 • Stone 4
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 10
= Herbs
Monastery garden
+ Field icon
8x Herb field

The production chain for producing Herbs consists of a single Monastery garden with 8 Herb fields. Each Herb field costs 50 Gold coins, bringing the total cost to 600 Gold coins.

Herbs are only used by the Monastery brewery to produce Beer.

Cost: Gold coins 1000 + Gold coins 550 • Wood 13 • Tools 8 • Stone 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 145
= Beer
Monastery brewery
+ Herbs
Monastery garden
+ Wheat
Crop farm