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Monastery brewery
Building details
Cost Gold coins 600 · Wood 5 · Tools 4 · Stone 6
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 15)
Prerequisites Patricians 510 patricians
Produces Beer Beer
Production 1.5 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Beer
Requires Herbs and Wheat.
Produces Beer.

The Monastery brewery is an Occidental Production building that produces Beer from Herbs and Wheat. Beer is required to satisfy the Need for Drink for Patricians and Noblemen. Beer is also used to pay Barnabas in exchange for Robber baron camps.


Cost: Gold coins 1000 + Gold coins 550 • Wood 13 • Tools 8 • Stone 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 145
= Beer
Monastery brewery
+ Herbs
Monastery garden
+ Wheat
Crop farm

The production chain for producing Beer consists of one Monastery brewery supplied by one Monastery garden and one Crop farm. When including the cost of the fields for each Farm building, the total cost of the chain becomes 1550 Gold coins.

One Monastery brewery can supply the following number of Inhabitants.

Beer Consumption
People Houses
Patricians 240 625 25
Nobleman 140 1071 26.8


  1. Data obtained from the game using ToolOne. Consumption rates are per 100 Inhabitants.
  2. The number of Inhabitants that can be satisfied with the output of one Production building.