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Full menu

Full menu


Central menu

Icon Name Description[1]
Building menu Building menu
Demolition Demolish structure
Diplomacy Diplomacy menu Also where you ask for auxiliary fleets.[2]
Ship routes Ships and Trading routes
Attainments Attainments
Central menu Central menu Access Central Menu

Central menu[]

Central menu Central menu
Icon Name Description[1]
Action menu Action menu Clicking this button opens a utility bar at the bottom of your screen.
Cities, Fleet, Armies Cities, Fleet, Armies figures This button allows you to quickly browse your cities, ships, and armies without actually having to find them on the map.

For ships, you can see what they're carrying, what they're currently doing, and what type they are.

For cities, you can see how advanced they are, what resources they produce, how many people live there, and what their budget is.

For armies, you can see what they're doing and what type of brigade they are.

Options menu Options
Pipette mode Pipette mode When in this mode, click an existing building to enter construction mode for that type of building.

For example, if you want to build several hemp farms, simply select an existing one in Pipette mode and then create these farms down.

Quest log Quest log This displays all of your current quests, plus their requirements and rewards.

Utility bar[]

Utility menu

Nine buttons:

Screenshot screenshot
[[File:|40px]] quick save
[[File:|40px]] quick load
Pause pause
[[File:|40px]] postcard view
Slow game down slow game down
Speed game up speed game up
[[File:|40px]] scroll through ships
[[File:|40px]] scroll through warehouses

Info bar[]

Info bar

Info bar minerals

Click the smaller info bar with the island name to show minerals available on the island

Changing the resources displayed in the info bar[]

The info bar is unique for each island.


Building menu ‎[]

Conveniently, the building menu can also be adjusted by the player.

The left image shows the buildings in the build menu normally ordered by the civilization peasants, citizens, patricians, noblemen, nomads and envoys.

But click on the small round button with the circular arrow at the top right corner of the building menu, and the buildings are sorted according to the types of buildings Public buildings, Production I, Production II, Port/Military and Ornamental

Building menu
Building menu is adjustable

Reorganized building menu

All five full building menus[]

Mini map[]


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