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As shown on the article on Honor, there are various ways to acquire honor. This article describes and compares a number of techniques for obtaining lots of honor.

Demand honor[]

Every 24 minutes, the player can demand 300 Honor small for 12500 Gold coins from Al Zahir, Northburgh and Garibaldi. Each of the three parties is on a separate cooldown, so the maximum honor that can be obtained in this way is 900 Honor small per 24 minutes, or 37.5 Honor small per minute.

Trading with neutral parties[]

Trading with neutral parties yields honor. When the player has traded goods worth a certain amount of gold coins, honor is awarded.

In the Venice expansion, active and passive trade, and buying and selling all count towards this target. The amount of honor received in this way ends at 445 Honor small at every 142,400 Gold coins worth of trade. This is 1 Honor small for every 320 Gold coins worth of trade.

There is no limit to the amount of honor that can be obtained this way, other than the volume of trade that you are able to generate.

As an example, if you set up 10 pearl necklace chains and sell the product actively (via a shipping route), this results in 10x165/320 = 5 honor per minute.

Assuming that you choose a good that yields a profit, this method has no cost per point of honor, but a profit.

Tournament arenas[]

A Tournament arena yields up to 600 Honor small every 45 minutes.

Assuming you've got just two islands with a significant amount of people on them, and build Tournament arenas only on those islands, you're generating 1200 Honor small per 45 minutes, or 27 honor per minute.

Place of Pilgrimage[]

The exact numbers aren't known but every so often you get 200 Honor from divine apparitions, so long as you constantly supply Bread to the Place of Pilgrimage.

Building monuments[]

Monument Construction time Construction cost Reward Honor per minute
Historic Warehouses 72 mins 32380 gold coins, 340 tools, 220 wood, 350 stone 500 honor 7
Imperial Cathedral 171 mins 143150 gold coins, 1280 tools, 380 wood, 640 stone, 270 glass 1000 honor 6
Sultan's Mosque 162 mins 109400 gold coins, 1324 mosaic, 220 wood, 340 tools, 270 glass 1000 honor 6