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Marketplace (Peasant)
Building details
Cost Gold coins 400 · Wood 5 · Tools 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 10
Size 5 x 6
Icon Marketplace icon
Creates a Construction area for Peasant houses.
Satisfies the Need for Company.

The Marketplace is the first Occidental Public building that is unlocked at the start of the game. It enables you to start building Peasant houses, which can only be built within the Influence area of a Marketplace. It also satisfies the Need for Company for all Occidental Inhabitants, meaning all houses need to have a Road connection to the Marketplace to function. See Housing layouts for efficient ways to place houses around the Marketplace.


The Marketplace provides a place for the inhabitants of your settlement to gather. All Occidental Inhabitants require access to one or they will riot. As your settlement grows around it and Peasant houses start giving way to Citizen, Patrician, and finally Nobleman houses your marketplace will automatically upgrade its appearance. It affects houses within 17 tiles from the edge of the building.

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