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Marie d'Artois
Character details
Difficulty Medium
Traits Aggressive
Icon Marie icon

Marie d'Artois claims that angels speak to her, telling her what to do. This aggressive island monger will own the entire map given the chance. Her quick expansion and aggressive nature gives her an upper hand, not to mention her war-like nature. Is she "hearing from God... Or maybe another force?" (+150 difficulty).[1]

She dislikes everything that has to do with oriental settlements, the grand vizier, and the Sultanate.

Traits: Aggressive, Warmonger, Religious-Oriented, Unstable

Building Speed: Medium

Civilization Level limited to player (does not include Nomads and Envoys): No

Trade Emphasis: Medium

Military Difficulty: Hard

Espionage: Yes

Espionage Purpose: Basic Sabotage

Demands Tribute: Yes

Tribute Range: Moderate

Diplomacy Difficulty: Medium

Favorite Enemy: Guy Forcas, Cardinal Lucius, Baronessa Constanza Zanchi

Favorite Ally: Hildegard von Lewenstein, Helena Flores (even though she mocks about Helena in the hidden credits)

Favorite Goods: Stone, Cannons, Wheat

Marie's in-game color is White

Quests and Achievements[]

The "Faith is my path" Achievement requires the player to complete a series of quests for Marie d'Artois. She will only offer these quests while the player has an Alliance with her and has reached the Metropolis status.

  • Holy War (Recruit 3 small armies and 2 trebuchet positions)
    • The player must have no more than 2 Military units.
  • True riches (Build and complete an Imperial cathedral)
    • The Imperial cathedral foundation must be unlocked but not built yet.
    • The Imperial cathedral Victory condition must be inactive.
    • This quest will be disabled if you begin the 'Holy Duty' quest from Cardinal Lucius
  • Axis of Good (Form an Alliance with all other players)
    • Requires the player to have completed construction of an Imperial cathedral.
    • Requires at least one Computer player with whom the player is not allied with.

"The Martyr" is a Diplomacy Achievement that requires the player to complete the following extensive quests for Marie d'Artois. The first quest requires the player to be at the Patrician Civilisation level, while all other quests require the Noblemen Civilisation level. The last two quests also require the player to have at least 2 Warships in their fleet.

  • The fleet I-II (Requires the player to be at war with at least one Opponent or the Corsairs)
  • The old wise woman I-III (Requires the player to have reached the Metropolis status)
  • Journey into the past I-IV (At least 3 other quests for Marie must have been completed)
  • Marie of… I-VI (At least 4 other quests for Marie must already have been completed)

The "Delirium" Military Achievement requires the player to beat Marie d'Artois in a Continuous game after at least 3 hours.


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