Lumberjack's hut
Lumberjack hut.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 50 · Tools 2
Maintenance 5 Maintenance cost (Inactive: 0 Maintenance cost)
Size 3 x 3
Produces Lumber Wood
Production Speed 1.5 tons / minute.[1]
Icon Wood

Basic raw material building you start the game with. Almost every building in Anno 1404 requires wood as well as some manufacturing buildings and this is how you get it.

Produces 1 ton of wood every 40 seconds with sufficient trees in radius. Number of trees needed can be reduced using the noria exploit.

Each ton of wood costs 3 and 1/3 gold to produce.

The lumberjack's hut requires 33 trees to achieve 100% productivity. If there are less than 33 trees in its working area, the lumberjack's hut will be less effective, with the effectiveness proportional to the number of trees. The lumberjack's hut has 60 squares of working space. Hence, the lumberjack's hut can still maintain 100% productivity if some of its squares in the circle are occupied, as long as it still has 33 trees in its working area.

If a lumberjack's hut's circle crosses the circle of another lumberjack's hut', charcoal burner's hut or forest glassworks, productivity loss may occur. The second building that was built receives no productivity benefits from the overlapping squares while the first building maintains full productivity benefits from those squares.


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