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Leif Jorgensen
Leif Jorgensen
Character details
Difficulty Easy
Traits Novice
Icon Leif icon
"You really want me to come with you again? And here I thought I was just a millstone around your neck!"

Leif Jorgensen is possibly the easiest and most incapable Opponent. Going to war with this young minstrel is sure to break your heart, as he pleads with you to let him go, never truly able to fight back. He does not play a role in the Campaign.

This young minstrel is more annoying than threatening (+75 difficulty).[1] Leif is also the ancestor of Hendrik Jorgensen from Anno 1701, 297 years later, Bente Jorgensen from Anno 1800, 396 years later, Tilda Jorgensen from Anno 2070, 630 years later and Ville Jorgensen from Anno 2205, 801 years later.

Leif has a trivial affair with the Baronessa, as shown in the scenario "Allied with a bard"

Traits: Novice

Building Speed: Very Slow

Trade Emphasis: Medium

Military Difficulty: Easy

Espionage: No

Espionage Purpose: None

Demands Tribute: No

Tribute Range: None

Diplomacy Difficulty: Very Easy

Favorite Enemy: None (though Willem gets annoyed by him)

Favorite Ally: Hildegard von Lewenstein

Favorite Goods: Fish, Milk, Paper

Leif's in-game color is Yellow


To attain the "When I am grown up..." Achievement, the player must complete the following quests. Leif Jorgensen will only offer these quests when the player has an Alliance with him and has reached the Noblemen Civilisation level.

  • World Peace (Form an alliance with all the other players)
    • Requires all three Computer player slots to be filled.
    • Requires at least one Computer player with whom the player is not allied with.
  • Talent (Obtain the Occidental Attainment 'Court architecture' rank 3)
    • Requires the Occidental attainment 'Court architecture' rank 2.

To attain the "The Minstrel" Achievement, the player must complete the following quests for Leif Jorgensen. He will only offer these quests when the player has an Alliance with him and has reached the Noblemen Civilisation level. The first quest will only be granted if the player has already completed at least 3 Quests for Leif Jorgensen. The other quests require the player to have at least 2 Warships in their fleet.

  • A glimmer of hope I-III
  • Leif Jorgensen's sister I-II
  • High treason! I-III
  • Furs furs furs I-II (At least one Furrier's workshop must be built in any of your settlements)

The "You! Will! Not! Sing!" Military achievement requires the player to beat Leif Jorgensen in a Continuous game after at least 2 hours.


  1. Prima Official Dawn of Discovery Guide. This player Does not know how to fight like other players on this game. Leif is very easy to walk over he is not smart enough to defeat you. p. 35-36.