Large market building
Large market building.png
Building details
Cost 700 Gold coins · 8 Wood · 5 Tools · 6 Stone · 2 Glass
Maintenance 30 Maintenance cost
Prerequisite Patricians Patricians
Size 4 x 4
Hit Points 2000
Produces 3 Market cart · 10 Storage capacity
Icon Large market building icon

The large market building is an occidental trade building that provides market carts which pick up goods from production buidlings.


Large market buildings cannot be built directly but instead can only be upgraded from medium market buildings. The total cost for a large market building is seven hundred gold coins, eight wood, five tools, six stones, and two glass which includes the price of of preceding medium market building. Typically you would only be paying three hundred gold coins, three wood, one tool, three stones, and two glass for the actual upgrade from a medium market building to a large market building.

In addition to providing market carts to pick up goods the large market building also increases island-wide storage capacity by ten tons.

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