Anno 1404 Wiki

Default Key Result Icon
F5 Quick save
F9 Quick load
Print Screenshot Camera.png
P Pause game
Num + Speed Up Game
Hold 5-sec Num + Speed Up Game permanent (Press 1 time to cancel)
Num - Slow Down Game
Hold 5-sec Num - Slow Down Game permanent (Press 1 time to cancel)
CTRL+A Toggle subtitles
B Open Construction menu Building menu.png
F6 Open Strategy map Ship routes.png
F7 Open Diplomacy menu Diplomacy.png
F10 Open Attainment menu Attainments.png
F8 Open Quest Log Quest log.png
I Hide interface
F1 Postcard view
F2 Camera close
F3 Camera medium
F4 Camera far
HOME Camera looks North
END Unlock / lock camera
SPACE Jump to last event
K Cycle through warehouses
T Cycle through Military units
TAB Cycle through Ships
. Rotate building clockwise
, Rotate building anti-clockwise
C Change building's model (only inhabitant’s houses)
V Demolish mode Demolition.png
N Activate Pipette mode Pipette mode.png
M Display Military mode
Page Up Zoom in (Steps)
Page Down Zoom out (Steps)
U Upgrade house
Delete Demolish buildings and units
Up Scroll forward
Down Scroll backwards
Left Scroll left
Right Scroll right
Z Rotate camera clockwise
X Rotate camera anti-clockwise
Backspace Remove last farmfield that has been build (in farmfield build mode)
Hold SHIFT While in build mode for harbour piers: Alternative shape
Hold CTRL While placing harbour buildings: Build without pier connection