Anno 1404 Wiki

Anno1404 offers a plethora of keybinds to speed up your gameplay. These are all the keybinds that the game assigns by default. Not included in this list, but still extremely useful, is the bind of 'S' to Dirt roads, which is possibly the most important and useful one.

Default Key Result Icon
F5 Quick save
F9 Quick load
Print Screenshot Camera
P Pause game
Num + Speed Up Game
Hold 5-sec Num + Speed Up Game permanent (Press 1 time to cancel)
Num - Slow Down Game
Hold 5-sec Num - Slow Down Game permanent (Press 1 time to cancel)
CTRL+A Toggle subtitles
B Open Construction menu Building menu
F6 Open Strategy map Ship routes
F7 Open Diplomacy menu Diplomacy
F10 Open Attainment menu Attainments
F8 Open Quest Log Quest log
I Hide interface
F1 Postcard view
F2 Camera close
F3 Camera medium
F4 Camera far
HOME Camera looks North
END Unlock / lock camera (must be enabled in engine.ini)
SPACE Jump to last event
K Cycle through warehouses
T Cycle through Military units
TAB Cycle through Ships
. Rotate building clockwise
, Rotate building anti-clockwise
C Change building's model (only inhabitant’s houses)
V Demolish mode Demolition
N Activate Pipette mode Pipette mode
M Display Military mode
Page Up Zoom in (Steps)
Page Down Zoom out (Steps)
U Upgrade house
Delete Demolish buildings and units
Up Scroll forward
Down Scroll backwards
Left Scroll left
Right Scroll right
Z Rotate camera clockwise
X Rotate camera anti-clockwise
Backspace Remove last farmfield that has been built (in farmfield build mode)
Hold SHIFT While in build mode for harbour piers: Alternative shape
Hold CTRL While placing harbour buildings: Build without pier connection