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Castle keep
Building details
Cost Gold coins 5000 · Wood 20 · Tools 20 · Stone 40  · Glass 5 · Weapons 15 · Military budget icon 10
Maintenance Maintenance cost 50
Prerequisites Patricians 510 Patricians
Hit Points Heart 7000
Attack Power Sword icon 50
Attack Range 20
Size 6 x 6
Icon Keep icon
Fights enemies in its range.
Enables you to create Small encampments, Large encampments and Trebuchet positions.

The Keep is the most powerful Defense building in the game, with the highest Hitpoints and Attack power of any building. The Keep is used to produce Small military camps, Large military camps, and Trebuchet positions.

Small military camp[]

Small military camp
Encampment small
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1000 • Weapons 10 • Military budget 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Hit Points Heart 1800
Attack Power Sword icon 3
Attack Range 11
Size 4 x 4

The Small military camp is the cheapest type of Military unit in the game, only costing 1000 Gold coins and 10 tons of Weapons. It is unlocked as soon as a Keep is constructed, along with the Large military camp. The smaller size of the Small military camp makes it ideal for capturing Trade buildings that would not have enough space around them to fit a Large military camp. It is generally quite weak against actual foes, however.

The Small military camp takes 30 seconds to set up after relocating.

Large military camp[]

Large military camp
Encampment big
Building details
Cost Gold coins 3000 · Weapons · 30 Military budget 6
Maintenance Maintenance cost 60
Hit Points Heart 3300
Attack Power Sword icon 6
Attack Range 13
Size 6 x 6

The Large military camp is unlocked simultaneously with the Small military camp upon construction of a Keep. It costs 3 times as much as the Small military camp, but has the same amount of Attack power per Military budget. It has slightly less than twice the number of Hit points, and a slightly larger range.

The Large military camp takes 45 seconds to set up after relocating.

Trebuchet position[]

Trebuchet position
Building details
Cost Gold coins 2500 • War machines 20 • Military budget 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 40
Prerequisites Nobleman Noblemen
Hit Points Heart 2000
Attack Power Sword icon 5
Attack Range 18
Size 5 x 5

The Trebuchet position is unlocked upon reaching the Noblemen Civilisation level. It is slightly weaker than the Large military camp, but has access to Ranged combat abilities, meaning it can attacks Ships and Army baggage trains. It also allows the Trebuchet position to attack enemies without putting units within range for retaliation.

The Trebuchet position takes 60 seconds to set up after relocating.