The Historic Warehouse is a monument which is built in the harbour and greatly boosts the storage capacity of an island as well as the transporation ability of ships.

Effects Edit

The Historic Warehouses increases island-wide storage by 300 tons when complete. A completed historic warehouses also adds +15 to the cargo holds of all ships and 5% to the speed of all ships owned by the player. This ship benefit doesn't stack with additional historic warehouses.

Lord Northburgh awards 500 Honor for the completion of each Historic warehouses.

Hints Edit

At 0.5 gold in maintenance per ton of storage, it is difficult to make, but the cheapest for storage. If you have a +15 storage-capacity item, though, small storage buildings are just as cheap to maintain per ton of storage, and cost a lot less to build. For a storage building comparison, see this.

Historics warehouses do not benefit from storage-capacity items.

Construction Edit

This monument has three phases. The total cost to complete: 25,180 pieces of gold, 340 tons of tools, 220 tons of wood, and 350 tons of stone. On top of this you must also pay for the stone pier on which it must be built.

Name Gold coins Gold Tools Tools Wood Wood Stone Stone Time (min.) Maintenance cost Maint. after completing phase Total Maint. Nobleman Noblemen required to start
Foundation 25,180 20 40 50 - 100 - 950
Scaffold - 120 (2.22)* 180 (4.44) - 27 100 2,700 950
Masonry - 200 (2.22) - 300 (3.33) 45 150 4,500 1,190
TOTAL 25,180 340 220 350 72 - 7,200 -
*Parentheses by materials show how many factories are needed to supply this amount over the time period of the phase, for the curious. For example: A Lumberjack outputs 1.5 tons of wood/minute. To supply 180 tons in 27 minutes would need 4.44 Lumberjacks (1.5 tons/minute times 4.44 times 27 minutes equals 180 tons). Of course, you can use reserves instead of having 4-5 Lumberjacks, but the comparison helps put your factory count into perspective. For more notes on this table, see the Imperial cathedral table.
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