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Historic warehouses
Historic warehouse
Building details
Cost Gold coins 25180 · Wood 40 · Tools 20 · Stone 59
Maintenance Maintenance cost 200 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 100)
Prerequisites Nobleman 950 Noblemen
Size 6 x 6
Icon Historic warehouses icon
First part of the monument.
Must be built on the Coast.
Increases the Island-wide storage by 300 tons when completed,
gives Ships a Speed bonus and expands their Cargo holds.

The Historic warehouses foundation is an Occidental Monument that must be placed in a Harbour area. When completed, it acts as a Storage building, providing 300 tons of additional Storage capacity to the Island it is built on. The first Historic warehouses that is completed also provides a bonus to all Ships in the player's fleet, adding +15 to the Cargo holds and +5% to the Speed of all Ships owned by the player. Lord Northburgh awards Honor 500 Honour each time a Historic warehouses construction is completed.


Name Tools Tools Wood Wood Stone Stone Maintenance cost Maintenance Nobleman Prerequisites Hourglass Time
Timberwork 120 180 - 200 950 Noblemen 30
Masonry 200 - 300 100 1190 Noblemen 50
COMPLETE 340 220 350 150 - 80


Monuments, just like Production buildings, need to retrieve the Raw materials they consume. While we could technically have the Master builders retrieve the materials directly from Production buildings within its Influence area, the high demand and placement within the center of our Settlement makes it more advisable to have a Trade building in range from which the Building materials can be retrieved.

The number of Production buildings for each Phase of Construction is shown below. Note that Construction speed increasing effects from Items or the Academy of Wisdom increase the number of Production buildings needed to supply the Construction.[1]

Good Phase I Phase II
Tools Tools 2 2
Wood Wood 4 -
Stone Stone - 3


A completed Historic warehouses provides the cheapest storage per maintenance at 0.5 maintenance per ton of storage. It is also the most compact, leading to a well-balanced option for quickly expanding storage. It is the most expensive in terms of construction costs, and takes time to complete. With a +15 storage-capacity item active, Small storehouses can reach the same maintenance per storage, but cost a lot less to build. These will take up a lot of additional space, however. For a storage building comparison, see Storage capacity.


The design of the Historical warehouses is very similar to that of the reconstructed medieval warehouse found in Gdansk, Poland.

  1. The amount of required Production buildings can be calculated as the displayed amount divided by (1 - [speedup percentage])