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Hildegard von Lewenstein
Hildegard Von Lewenstein
Character details
Difficulty Easy
Traits Novice
Icon Hildegard icon
"Do you have compassion for the needy? So many are suffering these days."

She's a nun. The only thing more shameful than beating her would be getting beaten by her (+75 difficulty).[1]

Hildegard von Lewenstein is impressed by quests completed for Lord Northburgh and by building churches. You will lose reputation with her by completing quests for the Corsairs or for Cardinal Lucius if she's on war with him. She'll often give you sums of money just to be nice. She's encountered during Chapter 7 of the Campaign, where she can be found taking care of the dying Emperor at his estate.

Traits: Novice, Humanitarian, Religious-Oriented

Building Speed: Slow

Civilization Level limited to player (does not include Nomads and Envoys): Yes

Trade Emphasis: Medium

Military Difficulty: Easy

Espionage: No

Espionage Purpose: None

Demands Tribute: No

Tribute Range: None

Diplomacy Difficulty: Easy

Favorite Enemy: Cardinal Lucius

Favorite Ally: Marie d'Artois, Leif Jorgensen

Favorite Goods: Wood, Linen Garments, Herbs

Hildegard's in-game color is Cyan


To attain the "Virtue and Penitance" Achievement, the player must complete the following quest. Hildegard von Lewenstein will only offer this quest if the player has an Alliance with her and has reached the Metropolis status. This quest also requires the player to have at least 100 Beggars living in their Settlements.

  • Poor souls (House at least 1500 Beggars in your Alms houses)

Note: Hildegard also offers a Citizen level quest called "Poor souls" where you have to rescue 3 shipwrecked people. This quest does NOT complete the Achievement.

To attain the "The Nun" Achievement, the player must complete the following quests for Hildegard von Lewenstein. She will only offer these quests while the player has an Alliance with her. The first two quests require the player to be at the Patrician Civilisation level, and the last two require the Noblemen Civilisation level.

  • Winter clothing I-II
  • The divine glow I-III
    • At least one Glass smelter must be built on any of your settlements.
    • At least 3 quests for Hildegard must already have been completed.
  • The performance I-II
    • At least one Bakery must be built on any of your settlements
  • Mission I-III
    • You must have at least 4 Warships
    • At least 3 quests for Hildegard must already have been completed

The "Humility" Military Achievement requires the player to defeat Hildegard von Lewenstein in a Continuous game after at least 2 hours.


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