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Helena Flores
Helena Flores
Character details
Difficulty Medium
Traits Merchant
Icon Helena Icon
"I believe in the inherent goodness of people, and that every individual can rise above themselves."

Settles quickly for mediocrity and a dull life, this woman of the people isn't as easy to get along with as you may think (though she willingly agrees to a trade agreement with any player). She will focus more on development than her medium competitors. (+150 difficulty).[1]

You can gain reputation if you collect low taxes (Happy or Euphoric, though this seems random), trade with her (she likes carpets), fulfill quests for Lord Northburgh, Al Zahir, and if you make your settlement more impressive. You'll lose reputation if you don't fulfill essential needs.

Traits: Merchant, Humanitarian

Building Speed: Fast

Trade Emphasis: High

Military Difficulty: Medium

Espionage: Yes

Espionage Purpose: Mostly Espionage Defense, Scouting

Demands Tribute: Yes

Tribute Range: Symbolic

Diplomacy Difficulty: Medium

Favorite Enemy: Baronessa Constanza Zanchi

Favorite Ally: Marie d'Artois, Sir Gavin Langton, Willem van der Mark, Giovanni di Mercante

Favorite Goods: Carpets, Grapes, Ropes

Helena's in-game color is Pink

Quests and Achievements[]

The "Fortune favour the bold" Achievement requires the player to complete a series of quests for Helena Flores. She will only offer these quests while the player has an Alliance with her and has reached the Metropolis status.

  • Peasant city
  • Support from faith
    • The Sultan's mosque foundation must be unlocked but not yet built.
    • This quest is disabled if the Sultan's mosque Victory condition is active.[unverified]

"The Beauty from the Country" is a Diplomacy Achievement that requires the player to complete a series of quests for Helena Flores. She will only offer these quests while the player has an Alliance with her. The first quest requires the player to be at the Patrician Civilisation level, while all other quests require the Noblemen Civilisation level.

  • A touch of luxury I-II (At least one Silk plantation must be built on any of your settlements)
  • Floating wishes I-II
  • Role reversal I-IV
  • The family treasure I-III
    • Requires the player to have at least 2 Warships in their fleet.
    • At least 3 quests for Helena must already have been completed.

The "Landed Gentry" Military Achievement requires the player to beat Helena Flores in a Continuous game after at least 3 hours of playing.


  1. Prima Official Dawn of Discovery Guide. Helena Hates people who don't full satisfy their people. She will do any thing to help her people. (tip) the easiest way to defeat her is by settling her island right at the start of the game. This prevents her from Creating a Very large powerful empire. But be careful not to take to much land of her or she will leave the game ruining the chance to destroy her. When you declare war on her if you have not settled one of her island or landed on one. She will Send troops to your main island. that is the one with the most amount of Occidental people on it. To stop this before it happens. land your troops and deploy them before you declare war. (this does not work as well with Hard players) p. 35-36.